Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

Hey Hey Family!!! 

Things are going great here and yes it's finally June!!! whooo :) It's pretty crazy how the time is flying and that's way cool how many of us are coming home on the same day!!! That's way exciting!!! It will be way fun to see everyone.

Wow it's sooo weird that Tyson is home.... Like we left together!!! haha and he is home! That's way cool though he looks way good! skinnier though haha!  Yeah it's all good if he goes up north! We will still have the summer to chill! He actually emailed me today! 

So I talked with Austin and he told me he is actually going to go to Dixie for the first semester we are home! I am excited about that. And I heard Andy Perkins is going to go there too so that's good!

Sounds like you guys all had a pretty great week so that makes me happy! That's crazy about Kamrie's pink hair!  That is way sad about Ez! He is in my prayers for sure! 

I am doing good! This week was pretty great! I had my last Zone Conference of my mission and I gave my testimony in front of like 75 missionaries! I was pretty nervous for some reason haha but it turned out good! Well after the Conference all the old missionaries had to talk with the nurse about getting some parasite test and stuff and so the next morning we went and got some parasite test done (blood drawn and pooped in a cup hahaha) but yeah I get the results tomorrow and I have been way nervous about it but yeah just pray that everything goes good! 

Sorry I feel like you wrote a lot but I am not writing a lot! I will write a good big email next week! Last time writing! I love you guys tonssssssss!!!! Have a great week! You guys deserve it! Sounds good about going shopping the next day after getting home because I will literally have no clothes!!!  I will keep working hard I promise!!! Love you guys!!!

Love, Elder Lawrence

La familia Cuello!!!

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