Saturday, May 30, 2015

11 Months (this week haha)

Hey Hey family! I cant believe its already P-day again! Sounds like you guys have a lot going on!

But first of all.... MOM HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow the big 30! what a time to be alive! the prime of your life! Haha:) We will just have to celebrate later! But seriously mom, I hope you had a amazing birthday! You are the best mom ever, so you deserve the best, especially on your birthday. :)

Sounds like Ethan had a bunch of fun going up North with Taylee to see Bryson! Sounds like they had a way fun little trip! I have never hear of that movie "Tomorrowland"...and now that I think of it, I literally don't know a single movie that is in theaters right now! haha that's crazy, because back when I worked at the theater, I knew every single movie that was in theaters! 

Well... joke is on you guys for moving my room upstairs, because my bedroom is actually the family room downstairs!! haha ;) no its fine I understand, its funny, something kinda like this happened with Elder Willard, they just moved his room around while he was gone!

Wow that sounds like an awesome birthday to me! I love kneaders!! I can't remember that sandwich I use to always get, I think it was like chicken and artichoke or something... so good! and that's a fun way to end it with going and seeing a movie!

Wow I hope you guys have a fun time in California! Don't feel guilty that I can't go, as long as you guys are safe I am cool with it! :) and the cruise next summer will be amazing! Especially now knowing Spanish and all!

So this week was great! I got soooo much done! Everyone is officially ready to leave, and to arrive, this next Tuesday! Transfers are this next week (this past transfer went soooo fast) so we will find out tonight everything about transfers!! We are getting 3 new office Elders, a new Pencionista, a new Historiador, and a new Assistant to the President! We are all way excited to see who they will be! I will let you know!

The Funez family is doing really good! We had another lesson with them this past week! we were supposed to have two, but one he had to cancel on us. I also bought them donuts with my last 30 pesos of this month! haha they loved the donuts. I can see them progressing which is awesome! He asks some weird questions sometimes like "do you believe in the Virgin Mary?"  which I responded saying "well yeah! she is the mother of Jesus so yeah of course!" and he is like "no no no like she is a saint??" (Everyone believes in saints here... Catholics) and no we don't. but sometimes he has some pretty awesome inspired questions too! :) its good that he asks bunch of questions.

Yeah its starting to get way cold here, especially in the night time and in the morning!  I wear my sweater and my jacket every day (I also wear the beanie sometimes, just cause it looks cool) haha,..but the offices are always nice and toasty. No snow storms yet! I hope we get one while I am in the offices!

Last night we were supposed to have our second lesson this week with the family Funez, but it got cancelled, so me and Elder Mortensen did this pretty intense workout. Here it is:

1 lap around this park by our house (probably short of a mile)
30 jumpingjacks
10 push ups
 7 burpes
10 push ups
10 crunches
10 push ups
20 crunches
60 second wall sits
10 push ups
30 jumping jacks
10 push ups
Repeat 3 times!
1 more lap around the park

It was pretty intense!!! haha I am definitely feeling it now.

Well, Mom Happy Birthday, make it the best eva! :) I hope you guys have a fun/safe time in Cali! I hope you guys have just as much fun as I did last year around this time. :) I love you guys sooo much and I know how truly blessed I am with such an awesome family! Have a good week. :)


Elder Lawrence
Misión Argentina Mendoza

PS. I have heard that a couple of my friends were kinda falling away back home, and I came across this talk and it was perfect! Cant wait to work with them when I am home. :) Waiting for the Prodigal
 Here are my two stomping grounds. The airport and the bus terminal! I am at the terminal almost every day of the week and at the airport probably once a week.

This is me right about to write you back! Oh yeah I also got my hair cut like 2 days ago!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23, 2015

Hey Family! how are you doing? :) I am doing really good! It was a pretty busy week for me! Wow it totally is summer for all of you guys! I am jealous! It sounds like you guys have some fun stuff coming up too! :) I am way excited for you guys!

I am glad you had a chance to go to the temple this past week! The temple is amazing. We had the opportunity to watch the dedication of the temple in Cordoba, Argentina, and it was amazing! The spirit was beyond strong! It literally is a house of our Lord! and we are only about 7 hours away from it where I am right now! It is such a blessing for all of the people here, to have a temple even closer than ever before.

Ethan is a boss with all of those sports! Its good to hear how good he is doing! 

I miss Bro Matt!! You should tell him do not forget that we are going on a trip with him again to Disneyland after the mission haha! I sure did have a ton of fun in between that little time of school being out and then up to my mission! 

I am excited for Kamrie to get her wisdom teeth out haha. Best 2 weeks of my life!!! Yes tell her to drink a ton of pineapple juice the night before! I didn't swell up or have any bruises!!!

To answer some of your questions, I am doing really good! This was a really good week here. We had a missionary return home because he was having some leg problems and he might be having surgery soon, but we came to be really good friends for about the week and a half that he was living with us in the offices. I know he is going to return and I cant wait till he does!

Elder Cahoon is doing really good! He is already back to his area! His area is a biking area, but I don't think he is allowed to ride a bike for a good little while! 

Yes we did have a busy week here, but we did have some awesome opportunities to leave and go tracting! We have a new investigator!! His name is Ariel Funez and he has 8 kids! His kids are so funny and cute. It's surprising to me, because our area is very rich and tons of tall buildings, but their apartment is so small and messy for all 10 of them. They have kid who is 18 and youngest is 5 or so... but almost all of them sat in and listened to us talk... they have a lot of trials in their lives, but we talked about how the gospel blesses the families, we also invited them to church tomorrow! We also have a lesson with them tonight at 7:30! so wish us luck!:)

This weekend is a holiday here too! Well Monday is, its 25 de Mayo! its kinda like our Independence Day! but yeah everything will be closed for a few days! and man, we sure could use some of that rain here! it looks like its about to rain everyday, but it never does! 

I think about you all a lot too! I can't believe its already been a year ago since I graduated from High School!!! and all the kids from the grade above me will be getting home from their missions soon! How crazy is that? 

Well I love you all soooo dang much. I sure was blessed with the best family ever! I hope you all will have a fun/crazy/safe summer! Can't wait to see the things you all do! Don't worry about me here, its just starting to feel like a really cold summer for me! haha I love you!! Chau!

Elder Lawrence
Misión Argentina Mendoza

Got my flu shot Thursday! It was in this like old elementary school building that was turned into a hospital! 
Remember when I use to do Bio-life?? I can't wait to do that after the mission! haha easy money! ;)

 The good old flu shot gang! There was a really nice old lady who worked at the hospital who gave us all the shots for free because she said we are always in the streets and in random peoples houses, so we really need flu shots! 

 Chau chau Hermana Ashby! She was our old Mission Nurse! 

 Chau (for now) Elder Malzl! Such a good guy and missionary! He gave me some awesome american gel right before he left too! haha he is just way nice.

This is Elder Rogers, he is way awesome, he reminds me a ton of Lincoln!!! I want to be comps with him some day.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17, 2015

Hey family!! how are you all doing?? I am doing way good! Way super busy week and this one following will be the same!  It was soo great skyping with all of you guys! You guys all seem the same! I like that. :)

Wow its already summer for you!!! That's awesome! You are pretty lucky! I cant believe school is already basically out for everyone?!?! haha I just barely left and that was last summer! wow, that school year went really fast!

I saw that Ethan won his baseball tournament!!! That is so awesome! some of the kids on E's team look so huge!!! haha

Sounds like you guys are all doing great!!

Mom there is so much that happened this week that it would take me way too long to explain it all haha!

Elder Cahoon is doing good! We are going to go visit him in about an hour! He will be released from the hospital tomorrow!

I am sorry that my email is super lame today, but I am going to send a million photos to explain everything from this week!

I hope you guys have a great week! I hope the photos make up for such a lame email! haha

I love you guys soooo much and I hope you all have a great week!!! You are all in my prayers always! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

Picture with Elder Zeballos

Skyping with my cute little fam bam!

 Cool snowy mountains!

 Yesterday we went on a little road trip! We were in this van 6+ hours haha!

 Me and my comp in front of a cool view!

 The whole gang!

 Us standing in front of a cool old bridge.

 Why go to Disneyland when you can just actually go to the Matterhorn here!

 Riding up on the ski lift.

 This is front of Aconcagua. It is the second tallest mountain in the world! It has snow on it year round.

 Drinking from the river! (Just kidding haha)

 On the ski lift again

Puente de Inca! Wayyy famous place in Mendoza! We basically went to the two most famous places in Mendoza in the same day! They are both right next to chile.


 Flag on top of the ski lift

Gotta have a dramatic photo haha

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!

It was so much fun to Skype with Elder Lawrence on Mother's Day! He is doing really great!!! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9, 2015

Hey my favorite family ever! How are you all doing?? I am doing really good! MOM! I am sooo excited to skype tomorrow! I totally can't believe it's already time to skype again! I would love that if Kody came over for a second to skype too! I just cant wait to see you all. :) yeah 2 pm works perfect for me! I will call you at 5 pm here so yeah that should work out perfect! 

I will keep my letter short because we will be skyping tomorrow. :)

That's crazy that this week went slow to you! It went soooo fast to me! We were super busy with all the stuff for Elder Zeballos, but it turned out way good! Elder Zeballos talk was really good and it was such an honor for him to come visit our mission!

That is funny that cross fit totally kicked your butt, guess what, cross fit is totally popular here in Argentina! I see places that say cross fit on them all the time! I thought that was just a States thing but I guess not! haha

Tell Kams that she totally reminds me of me but in my Senior tell her she still has a couple years till she can act like me!

That is awesome the Gpa is renting a place in Park City for 6 months! you guys should take advantage of that for sure!

I hope you have fun celebrating Mother's Day with Gma! and that sounds like fun all you guys going up to Springdale for dinner tonight!

It was a great week! We had to go on a special task to this really pretty area in our mission! I will send you a couple pictures from it but I will tell you more about it tomorrow! :)

Everything went really smoothly with Elder Zeballos! The only thing that didn't go right for a little bit was that the bus driver for San Luis kinda got lost on the way to the mission conference! It was a little stressful for me, but they ended making it before being late. :)

Well I could say a lot more but I will just save it for tomorrow! I will try to write some questions down or some stuff I want to tell you guys. I cant wait to skype!!! I hope you guys have a fun/safe day today! :) I love you all soooooo veryyyyyy MUCH!!!!


Elder Lawrence
Misión Argentina Mendoza

PS...I forgot to tell you! Tomorrow is my companions birthday! He is just turning 19!!! Haha he is so young!  So we are going golfing today for his birthday!!!

 Snow on the Andes

 Our sweet truck and a sweet view we found the other day!

 Left over shades from old Missionaries

Just right before I hit this golf ball into outer space.

Monday, May 4, 2015

10 Months!!! Double Digits!!!

Hey Fam Bam! How are you all doing?? Wow I swear time goes faster here in the offices!  It totally is almost Mothers Day!!! I can NOT wait to skype with you all!!! That was definitely the highlight of Christmas this past year for me. I can basically skype anytime that works with you! I can call you guys when it is like 1 o'clock there if you want?? I don't know it's up to you, whatever works with your schedule! I cant wait though! :)

Everything is going good here in the offices! Yep it was a really busy week and so will be this following week! Yeah my new companion is so awesome! We are so alike. We did all the same stuff in high school and all of our friends sound the exact same too! 

Elder Zeballos will be coming this Thursday! So I have all the buses rented and everything ready for all the Missionaries to be coming and staying in Hotels in Mendoza Centro. I hope everything works out!!!

So with the taxi driver, he happened to live just out side of our area! So we passed the reference to the other missionaries over there! I'm not sure if they have stopped by to see him yet.

Yes I was involved in the feast of ribs that the Masedas made for us! They were way good! Except me and Elder Mortensen came back from doing tramites and there were only like 2 ribs left! 

That's sweet that E is going on a 50 mile canoe trip! He better be careful!

Hahah that is way funny that Kamrie is getting her wisdom teeth out pretty soon! I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out! that was like the best 2 weeks of my life! You will have to send me a picture or video of her!

So the Hermana that kept the Mendoza Mission blog up to date (Hermana Ashby- Mission Nurse) She finished her mission! and us Elders aren't allowed to update the blog. So I hope that the Warner's will start to update it! that would be awesome.

I'm glad Bryson ended with good grades! Man I really don't want debt when I go to college! I don't know what I will do yet but I will think of something!

Well It was a really solid week here! Its weird, I am really starting to like waking up early. Like the days when I have to wake up before 6:00 or around 6:00 I always feel like I have more energy for some weird reason!  We did super tramites again this week for the Hermanas! Hermanas are so different than the Elders when it comes to tramites! but everything went well. :) Tramites is just when we get a lot of missionaries together at one time to do all of their paperwork to get their visas at one time.

Today for P-day, we just got done playing basketball with everyone and now we are going to a fancy all you can eat buffet! It's the same one I went to with our boss people from Buenos Aires! It's going to be awesome! I will send a bunch of pictures! 

Well, everything is going great here! I definitely cannot wait to skype with all you guys! E dog better not have a way deep voice!  I love you guys very very much too and you are all in my prayers soooo much! Thank you for everything you guys do for me! I love you! :)


Elder Lawrence
Misión Argentina Mendoza 

Lunch today at Caro Pepes with the AP's!

 Elder Perez went up to be a Zone Leader this transfer in San Luis!!! He is a total boss so he will be an awesome Zone Leader for sure... We get to hang out with all the Zone Leaders once a month at this meeting we have called Consejo.

 This is Elder Sandquist and he is the Zone Leader in Maipú right now, he is one of my best friends in the mission! He is going to UVU after the mission too! He also had awesome long hair before the mission haha.