Monday, May 30, 2016

23 months!!!

Hey Hey Family!!!! 

Everything is going good this week!!! I am doing way good! Wow I also can't believe I hit my 23 month mark this Thursday! Pretty crazy stuff yo! I am glad you had an awesome birthday! Sounds like it was a ton of fun! My feet sure could use a pedicure too! hahaha oh and the cabin looks amazing!!!! Wow it is really coming along so that makes me happy! :)

So school is out! I feel like the school year went way fast! haha maybe its because I wasn't in school! That's awesome that Ethan is practicing tennis a lot! Me and him will have to go play around when I get home!

It really is crazy to me that Tyson is getting home this week! haha like we started our missions together and everything! He told me that today is his last day in the mission field so that is pretty crazy! I told him he has to wait till I am home so we can watch all the movies we missed together haha :) Take a photo with him for me!

Everything is going good here! Freezing as ever!  It's been really foggy here in the mornings, it's pretty intense. I remember I use to always want to live in like Seattle or something, but after all this cold rainy weather I think Southern Utah is where its at! haha :) But yeah the time is flying! Sometimes I start thinking about home and everything, but the best way to keep motivated is to honestly just keep working hard. Its helping me stay focused. :)

Today we are planning on making an asado! I am way excited because its been a while since we have had asado. it should be good! Next week we are going to Mendoza Centro for P-day to do some shopping and stuff... it will be way fun!!! :)

Well yeah it was a pretty solid week! I love the mission! I love you guys sooo much! I am glad you had a great B-day mom and Happy B-day again!!! :) I hope you guys have another great week! Thanks for all the support and love and prayers! Tell the family I say hi!

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS... Tell Addi I say sup! haha

PSS... Austin Butler told me his family is moving this month... is it true?!?

PSSS... I feel like there was one last thing I was going to say.... dang it haha... Love you guys! :)

PSSSS....I remembered it!!! Hey so not this next P-day but the P-day after that (13/June/2016)  will be my last time writing a big email home! Because that final P-day I wont be in my area anymore I will be in the offices and stuff and I don't think we will be doing cyber that day... so yeah tell like Kamrie and E that if they want to email me one last time it would have to be one of these next 2 weeks haha. ok that's all! Love you mom! :)

 We made panqueques last night because it's the end of the month and we are broke. They had no egg. Basically just flour and water hahahahaha :'D

Just having our weekly correlación meeting!

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