Tuesday, December 22, 2015

6 Months and Merry Christmas!!!

Hey Hey fam :)

Wow... I really can't believe only 6 months left in my mission... it kinda scares me! haha Like I am excited and everything but yeah wow!!! Time flies! :)

I am doing way good this week!! Everything is going great with me and Elder Landt! I can't believe that we have already been together for two full transfers! The time went way fast!!! Yeah we will see what will be happening this week if I get transferred or if Elder Landt will or if we will stay together!!! I will be kinda sad if I leave because Mara and Mailen are super super close to being baptized! I think I will for sure be here to go to their wedding but I don't know about the baptism... we will see though!!

I am glad to hear that Kam and E ended up with some good grades! That's pretty awesome! and that's pretty drama filled all that stuff that's going on with the cheer coach! Haha we will see if they get a new cheer coach next year!

I'm pretty jealous that you might get some snow on Christmas!  If you do, you will have to take the web cam outside so I can see it! haha :) speaking of skype, yeah that time sounds perfect! So I will plan on skyping you guys at 2 o'clock here. So that should be about 10am your time! Elder Landt is going to skype before me so I will probably go just right after him which should be right around 2:00pm! well, our plan to skype with these one members wasn't sounding too good because they said their internet keeps going in and out, but they gave us their web cam to borrow and we talked with the bishop and he got everything worked out for us to skype at our church! It's a pretty nice computer and good wifi so I think everything should go smoothly!!! I will give you a call or something if plans change but yeah just plan on that! :)

Well I am going to keep this email a little short because we will be talking here in a few days on skype! I am wayyy excited! All the missionaries are getting excited to skype and so am I! Get some questions ready or something! haha :) I love you guys tons!!! I hope you guys have a great/safe Christmas week and Chistmas Eve!!! Enjoy the cold! Cold Christmas's are where it's at! haha Chau chau. :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 We made this giant awesome pizza with a part member family!!!

 Weird random picture from Zone Conference this past week!

Elder Christensen and Elder Mortensen... both studs!

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