Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Hey Hey whats up fam! Sounds like you guys are all doing good! Yeah I can't believe it's already the 7th of December! This month is cruising! Everything is going great here!

That's pretty lame about Dad's new work schedule! I hope it's only for 6 months! That's pretty cool that he can take his lunch break and go to Sacrament meeting! Yeah you should try to get your Fridays off too so you guys can hang out and go to the temple that day. :)

That's cool E-dog is already starting back up in baseball! Hopefully he likes it. but hey, if he doesn't he can always do tennis like me! If he was to play all four years of high school he would be a total stud by his senior year! How awesome would that be?? but it's up to him. :) and dang Kamrie has a ton of tardies! haha is she on her phone a ton? I feel like in all the photos I see of her she is holding it in her hand. haha!

Glad to see all the decorations up in the house! I love all the decorations! I think Elder Landt and I should buy a tree or something because we have nothing this year for Christmas decorations! I am also way excited to skype! I will probably give you more details in the next few weeks so we will know better what time and everything! I have talked to a couple members so I think we should be good to have a good computer and everything to skype! :)

Like I said everything is going good here!!! This week was a little harder than usual, this past week we had kinda dedicated all the mornings to finding a new pension, because our contract is going to expire and our dueƱos (owners) want to raise the rent! So yeah we talked to the Pensionista and he told us that we should go find a new pench! So I have been on and off the phone calling a bunch of houses we have seen and we tried to meet with a couple of them but they only want to sell the houses and not rent them out and we can't own houses as a mission... so we are still looking! Other than that our investigators are doing good! Yeah sometimes agency makes me mad, don't get me wrong because I love that we have the freedom to choose but yeah just sometimes people here just choose to do nothing! This lady in our ward shared this little story thing in her testimony yesterday and I want to share it with you guys:
So, There is a man sitting outside on his porch doing nothing, just sitting there watching people go by... Is the man doing good or bad? Is he doing good because he is doing nothing bad?..... or is he doing bad, because he is doing nothing good.... yeah, it just gets you thinking a little bit!

We are just going to keep working hard! We invited a couple of people to be baptized this week but both had reasons to say no for now... I am just going to keep working way hard and inviting more people than ever! This is like almost my last 6 months so I am just going to keep working hard as ever! Thanks for your guys support and prayers always! I love you guys tons! I hope you all have a great week! I laughed way hard that I accidentally sent my email last week to only Kody and not you! Glad you caught that because I would have never noticed! and no I haven't received a letter yet from Grandma for Thanksgiving but I will be excited to get it now! :) That's cool about Amanda Perry getting her mission call as well!

I love you guys! Have a good week! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

             (Sorry the photos came out weird... I am using a computer from the 80's I think)

Pictures 1&2...These kids are part of a part member family that we started going by a couple weeks ago! The kids are awesome and have been coming to church more now!

Pictures 3&4...These are our zone jerseys!!! They totally butchered my last name! haha! whatever I still like it. :) It is number 10 because this is the zone that is known for getting 10 with member!

Picture 5...Street art


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