Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

Hey Hey familia! This month really is cruising by!!!

Sounds like you guys had a jammed pack week!!! Oh, I gotta tell you before I forget, I loved that wedding video of Bryson and Taylee!!! That was way good! haha man I totally missed out on an awesome wedding! But it's all good, I am super happy here. :) Looks like Kamrie had fun at Sadies and stuff! That's cool you guys chaperoned the dance! Also I am glad to hear the ward party was a success! No I don't think we even have a ward Christmas party planned here so that's super lame.

Everything is going good here!!! Man it is getting sooo hot though! I am way glad I have that little chap stick sunblock thing or else my face (especially my nose) would be completely fried by now!  We have some sweet plans for Christmas though! We are going to go spend Christmas back in Albardon! Elder Mortensen invited us to go up there with them and spend the night! We are going to make some Asado and play some sports! It's going to be way fun! Oh by the way I'm a little jealous that it might snow there this week, because it's going to be like 100 degrees here! haha

Our investigators are doing good! We got 2 new sweet investigators this week! Named Eli and Brian! They live in this barrio that we never really worked in before! They are super cool and super sincere. We didn't have a ton of time to talk when we first met them but we shared a good scripture with them and set up an appointment to come back. They are way cool though!

We also had an awesome lesson with Mara and Nestor this week!!! We shared a scripture about Christmas and how Jesus Christ was born for us. They really liked it a lot. After the lesson Nestor told us he had some news for us... he said "Elders I have to let you know that me and Mara wont be going to church again until we are married" and that made me way sad when he said that..... but then he continued by saying "but I have my vacaciones (Christmas break) the 20th of December, and we will be finishing our tramites and be getting married over the break so Mara can be baptized!" and we were soooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!! That was like the best news I have ever heard! Also Mailen (Their daughter) just turned 8 and she wants to be baptized too! We are hoping to baptize them both on the same day! It's going to be sooo awesome. I am going to be pretty sad if I get transferred because I won't be able to be there for the baptism or anything... Transfers are on the 29th so we will see if I stay for 1 more transfer or if I am leaving!

Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you, President Goates is counting Christmas as our P-day for that following week so I won't be writing you guys on the 28th! Yeah just a little heads up. :)

Well yeah just wanted to let you guys know I am doing great! I am loving the area and the people in it. :) Let me know what time you guys are wanting to skype at and everything! Like in the morning or afternoon or whatever. We are still working on finding a good place to skype... we have a couple options but I just want to pick the best one!  I hope you guys have a great week! You guys are the BEST. I love you!

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS... Kody is thinking about Dixie too and I am pretty positive that's where Lincoln is going... I told Elder Landt I feel like Joseph Smith when he was trying to find which church was true, but I am just trying to find which of all the schools I should go too! haha but yeah we can talk about this later. :)

 Just a little girl with a turtle!

 Elder Landt broke my scissors trying to cut some cardboard, but fear not, my sewing kit came in handy and some thread saved the day! haha

 Happy Birthday Mailen!!!

This was the bounce house at Mailen's Birthday party!

Just me chilling with Santino and Gordo, I don't really know Gordo's real name, but yeah Gordo means fat in spanish. 


Selfie at the party!

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