Saturday, July 5, 2014

First email from the MTC!!!

Hey! how is everyone doing without me there?!? :) I hope you are all doing good! ahh where to start... Well I am loving the MTC! I am really enjoying my companion and my whole district! oh and i don't know if you have received my letter yet that I sent on the first day, but you would never guess what my companions name is.... Elder Mike Mangum! isn't that funny! That is exactly bryson's best friends name!!! you will have to tell bryson about that!! Elder Mangum is from Houston, Texas and is the oldest in his family. He is 5' 8" too! He is way cool and just a really nice guy. Me and Elder Mangum are really close with Elder Hansen and Elder Garrett. They are in the room right next to us! They are way funny and good at spanish! Elder Mangum is really good at Spanish, so he helps me out alot! Elder Garrett got really sick the other night, he thinks he had like food poisoning or something... He is feeling a little better now so thats good!

 haha well I hope bryson had a good birthday! i love  that picture of all the cousins! oh and i really loved the Dear Elder letter!!! i use to think those were lame, but they are actually way cool! i really like those pics you sent from us at the airport too! it will be awesome when those guys leave and then we are all missionaries!! 

I really have been enjoying everything about the MTC. i was scared that i would struggle with sleeping at night, but i sleep like a baby!!!! haha and i really like the food alot! the first couple of days felt reallyyy long, but these past two have gone by so fast! i feel like i am really catching on with the spanish and i know that if i keep being obedient, that i will receive the gift of tongues and that will be amazing! 

Well the 4th of July was pretty awesome here! i didn't even realize that it was the 4th until that night when we did a big fireside on it! haha We listened to Brother Roach talk for a little and then we got to watch "17 Miracles"!!! i have never seen that movie before and i really liked it alot! after the movie was over, we got to go outside and eat ice cream and watch the fireworks! that was way cool!

Well there is not too much else that is big to write about... If i missed anything you wanted to talk about, just ask and i will try to remember to answer it next email ;) 

Just a couple little things to say: My P-Day is on Saturdays (which is the best day to have P-day) at least that is what my zone leader tells me! haha\
I have taken one of grandmas pills that she gave me, once everyday. im not sure if i am taking the right one or not though... haha i think its the right one! 

Well i hope you guys have an awesome week! tell Bryson and Kamrie and E-doggy that i miss them! and of course i miss you and dad the most :) I love you guys so much! the Church is so true! there is no way that it couldn't be! Talk to you guys in a week!!! 

Love, Elder Lawrence

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