Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 19, 2014

Hola!!!! :) How is everyone doing?? It sounds like everyone had a good week!! Somehow this week went faster than last week!!! I didn't even think that was possible!!! Everything is still good at the MTC!! I am still loving it! :) The Spanish is coming along really well!! The gift of Tongues is definitely here at West Campus. :) 

Dang I hope Bryson's parasites go away before college starts! I keep him in my prayers always so he should be in good hands :) and you shouldn't worry about me! I will be super careful about drinking the water in Argentina! 

I hope Kamrie is enjoying EFY!!! Tell her that the MTC is like EFY but on steriods haha. And that's awesome that Ethan talked to Coach Marc! I hope Ethan can become a tennis star like me someday ;)

We went to the Temple for the first time this morning! it just opened back up this weekend! And yes we got to watch the new video that just came out this week!!! Yes the devil is bald in it haha :) but the new thing to me was that Eve is a blondie! thats pretty different huh?? Its pretty good! The acting is kinda weird but its whatever :) haha I really enjoyed going to the Temple today and it was just an awesome experience to be able to go with my whole zone! The spirit is always sooo strong at the Temple!!

Thats awesome that my mission call video made it on that facebook page!! That makes me happy :)

Wow it sounds like you guys have really enjoyed the foreign exchange students!!! I'm glad that it turned out to be a good experience for you guys!! I wish I could meet them! maybe in two years ;) haha

So guess what... I saw Jacey Schimbeck at Main Campus the other day!!! She was really far away from me and there was alot of people around so I didn't get a chance to run over and say hi! :( I wish I couldve got a picture with her so I could send it to you guys!! maybe I will see her again this week and maybe I can snag a picture with her :) 

Yep im still memorizing "Los Articulos de Fe" :) I have the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 8th down! I memorized the 8th one so I could use it in a lesson that I was teaching an investigator (just some random member that volunteers and acts like an investigator) that was about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. It went really well!

Well guess what I have to do tomorrow... yep, bless the sacrament in spanish! haha I am pretty nervous, because its in front of our zone (which is like 30-45 people). I hope I don't mess up!!! I will let you know how it goes! :) 

Well I am still loving the MTC and am so grateful for all the letters and packages I receive throughout the week!! :) Thanks for everything you guys do for me!! I love you guys soo MUCH and I hope you all have a good week up at fareview! :) Love you guys!!

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS. Oh everyone lovessss Brysons ties from Mexico!!! It seems like the weirder the tie, the more people like it! haha funny huh?? so tell Bryson thank you!! :)

This is pretty much my best friend in the whole district. His name is Elder Christiansen. He is soo awesome!! and its funny, i knew him from instagram before our missions started! we were both on that missionary's coming soon page!! he is the coolest and he listens to the same music as me! 

 Got to see Elder Last, last Sunday!!!! I was so happy I got to see him! Almost makes me cry :') ... Just kidding haha but seriously it was so good to see him!!!

 Funny story behind this photo... So we set my camera up with a timer, and we were going to lift up Elder Mangum for the photo, and then someone knocked on the door, so Elder Garret went to go answer the door, and me and Elder Hansen dropped Elder Mangum!! hahaha we didn't mean to, but the camera caught right as he was falling!!! We laughed forever!!! :)

 We all wore purple ties because that is how we are becoming like Zion! We have to be united! haha thats what our teacher always tells us :) (he is the one that is right to my left)

 This was this morning at the Temple! such an awesome morning :)

 Some of my best buds!!! Elder Hansen (Right) and Elder Garrett (Left) 

Me and my bro Elder Hansen! He is from Pocatello Idaho! He is a way funny kid and he kinda reminds me of Robbie Rignell haha :)

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