Saturday, July 12, 2014

Loving the MTC!

Hola!!!! :) How is everything at home?? I hope everyone is doing great! That's funny that you thought my P-day would never get here, because if felt like i just had it!!! this has been one of the fastest weeks of my life! I have learned soo much! I honestly guarantee that i have learned more Spanish in the past two weeks than I have in my whole life... I am loving the language too! I feel like I am picking it up really fast! 

I made a goal to memorize the 13 Articles of Faith in Spanish before I leave the MTC, and i have already memorized the first two!!! its too bad that there is no song to go to the Articles of Faith in Spanish, because it would be MUCH easier ;) 

Well Elder Garrett is feeling all better now! It was soooo awesome to be able to stand in and give him a blessing! It was such a bonding moment for our whole district and is probably my best highlight of the mission so far. :)

That is so cool that you guys are getting a exchange student next week!!! you guys should just call him Blake the whole time he is there! haha!! Oh and that is sooo crazy about Mikey!!! That would've freaked me out if I was there!!! I hope he is ok now! oh and if you see him, tell him his hair is awesome from me. thanks. haha! 

The people at the cafeteria keep us all updated on the world cup, so that is so awesome that Argentina is in the finals!!! I sure hope they win! I feel like the people will be more happy and will accept the gospel better if they win the world cup haha ;) 

That's awesome that Bryson gets to see Elder Rohde today! I hope his back is doing better! I kept him in mind during my prayers. 

To answer your questions...

 I am still liking the food alot!!! They give us alot of seafood, so I feel bad for all the kids that don't like fish! ha! 

Yes we still go run every morning! My legs use to be soo sore! but now they are use to all the running we do.

I am pretty used to getting up in the mornings... The thing I am surprised about is I don't get tired during the day!! it's a blessing haha because some of the kids get so tired in class and our teacher is constantly waking them up. 

Yes I can pray in Spanish! We pray soo much here and I try to pray as often as i can in spanish! its a pretty basic prayer... but hey, at least I can do it :)

Today for P-day we basically are doing nothing!! haha we woke up this morning at6:00 and went and did service from 6:15 to 7:30... it wasnt too bad, we just clean windows and stuff like that. After that we went and got breakfast and then did our laundry. The Temple is closed up here, so we have an extra 2 1/2 hours to do nothing!! its pretty nice, but im excited to go to the temple again. :)

We play sports everyday! they give us about an hour and fifteen minutes to play, and we play in these giant bubbles!! they aren't buildings... they remind me of bounce houses haha! you will kinda see one in a picture I will send you. 

I dont really need you to send me anything, but one thing that I would really like to have is my tennis jersey. (the white, red, and black one) because I get sweaty in my other shirts, and i think it would be nice to have that just for gym times. you don't have to send it, but just think about it when you send another package ;) Oh and thanks again sooooooo much for the package!!! It made my week!!! 

Oh and tell Kamrie that Wet-n-wild will steal all of her money!! because thats what it did to me!!! haha

Wow I feel like I have wrote so much, but still have alot I would like to say...
I will just end with one more thing. :)

Neil L. Anderson (from the quorum of the twelve) came and talked to us on Tuesday!!! that was soo amazing! you could feel the spirit sooo strongly just when he entered the room! He talked about "The things that are not seen" meaning The Holy Ghost. it was very good! He also talked about how we want to become more like Christ, and a mission is one of the best ways to do so! Im very lucky that I got to see someone from the quorum of the twelve talk in person! and it was even in my first week!!

Well I love you guys sooo MUCH!!!! The church is True!! Thank you for everything you guys do for me!! 

Love, Elder Lawrence

 My best bud!!! Dalton is awesome and we hang out like everyday during gym time! He is such a cool kid and i'm glad he is at the West Wing too!

 Check out how small our class room is and check out how gangster we all are!!!


The whole District:)

Check out how beautiful West Campus is!!!!!!

Me and my companion Elder Mangum! He is awesome!!!!!
Oh i forgot to tell you, Elder Mangum is going to Cordoba, Argentina on his mission. Not Mendoza... cool huh?!!!

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