Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26, 2014

Hola!! Como le va?? I hope you guys are all doing great and are having fun in Fairview!! :) You guys are so lucky you get to go to Park City next Wednesday!!! It probably wont be as fun because I won't be there with you guys ;) Wow I really cant believe that it is already P-day!!! These past few weeks have flown by!!! but I am loving it sooo much. I am loving the spanish too. Some days it is a little hard for me, but I pray for the gift of tongues at least 20 times a day haha :)

So we got to host this past Wednesday!!! it was so awesome!! it was pretty tough though... There was this kid that I hosted for, and his luggage that was probably 50 pounds had no wheels on it! So I had to carry his heavy luggage and all his new books for almost a mile!!! it was not too fun haha :) But guess what... I got to host a kid from Hurricane!!! I'm not sure if you know him or not, but his name is Elder David Whimmer... He is going to Mexico on his mission.. I use to always see him at mission prep, but it was awesome that I got to be his host! he was pretty happy too to see a familiar face. :)

So want to hear something funny... one of my best friends in our zone, Elder Hansen, doesnt get Dear Elders throughout the week like me, so whenever I get one from you, he always acts like it is for the both of us! haha! He will be like "so how's our mom doing today?" or "so whats mom up to tonight?" and I always let him read the letters... It is so funny and I think he really likes reading my Dear Elder letters. He is such a funny kid, I will miss him! (He is going to Cordoba on his mission)

So to answer some of yours questions... I really think my spanish is coming along! I can understand mostly everything that I hear in spanish. I cant really say exactly what I want to say in spanish... but I can get pretty close! :)

So a couple of kids got sick in my district over this past week... They are all better now, but I never got sick!!! I think it is because of all those pills you guys have me taking to keep me healthy! so thanks for those. :) oh and thank you soooo MUCH for the package!!! it is awesome having that shirt for gym time! and tell dad thank you soo much for the pistachios! everyone loves them and we eat them every night haha :)

Thank you for sending me Tyson's email! I really loved hearing how he was doing! it sounds like my schedule is about the same as his, Wake, eat, study, eat, study, bed! haha But I am absolutely loving every second of it!

So there is still no word on our visa's... all of the kids that are going to Mexico have received theirs. But i'm not too worried about it. It would be pretty cool if I went in the states for just a little bit. :)

Well thank you guys so much for everything you do for me! I love you guys sooo much and you are in my prayers always! I hope you guys have a fun time in Park City! send me lots of pictures from that :) I love you guys! The Church is True!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Lawrence

 We had a rainy day up here at West Campus. had to break out the Umbrellas :) This is like my favorite picture ever so I hope you enjoy it. haha :)

 Finally got to see/ talk to Sister Schimbeck! :) we talked for like 45 minutes! it was so awesome to see her! we can't be alone in the picture, so I grabbed my companion and she grabbed some girl from her district! haha it was really funny cause we can only shake hands :)

Here is one that isn't so blurry with Sister Schimbeck. :) 

 We had a sleepover party in our living room! It was the bomb! :)

 Me and Elder Hansen mid-air at the sleepover party haha :)
Just another one from the sleep over haha. :) sorry this week went so fast that I kinda forgot to take very many pictures!!!

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