Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Hey family!!! you guys sound like you are doing great!! You all sound super busy but super good!! Its about the same here! We are super busy but I am doing super good! :)

This past week was soo good! We had interviews with President on Thursday (we have them every 3 months) and it went wayyy good! I love president Goates! He is super knowledgeable about the gospel and shared some awesome stories with me! We also had stake conference this past week!!! It was way good too! And one of our progressing investigator families came with us!!! I was soo happy! haha I just love when people go to church. :)

Wow mom I think you have super powers... You sound like you were super busy with those funerals and everything! I don't know how you do it all! Way to be awesome in you calling though. :)

That's awesome Bryson got that job at Blendtec and he likes it!!! I hope I can get hooked up with a cool job in two years! haha :)

I hope Ethan gets way good at golf and tennis!! that would be way cool! There is a sweet golf coarse that is just outside of San Rafael and Elder Connolly said he knows a member who might take us in a few weeks! How sick would that be!!!

Kamrie reminds me so much of me its not even funny! haha wow I am so glad I dont have to worry about grades!! Kamrie sure is turning into a cutie! tell her to stay away from boys!!! haha

So to answer some of your questions... Our investigators are doing good! Something sad happened this last week... So I sent you a picture of me and Elder Connolly with Elder Castillo and Elder Scott a couple weeks ago... Well Elder Scott (from Arizona) was having some issues with depression and way bad head aches... So he went home this past week... So Elder Castillo was transferred to a different area, and our zone leaders left us in charge of their area! haha our area is sooo HUGE now! We also now have like double the amount of progressing investigators! haha alot alot alot of teaching... we also go to church for twice as long now! haha we go to our ward and their ward. :) We are also shooting for 2 baptisms by the end of October!!! So we will see! :)

If you are above 18 years old, you have to go to church 3 times before you can be baptized... but if you are under 18, its like 10 times, just if no one is a member in your family. but yeah, people just need to understand the importance of church attendance!! We teach that wayyy often.

We probably visit 8 to 12 people or families a day! Always some investigators, always some less actives, and always an active member or two! :)

Right now our apartment is way clean! Because my companion told me that usually when we have interviews, Hermana Goates will come check the penches to make sure they are clean and everything! So we cleaned it wayyy good last P-day, but then she never came by to check our pench! haha but its alright because now we just have a way clean house. :)

I haven't had to give a talk in church yet! But I feel like I might soon! haha we are running out of active members that have already gave talks while I have been here! So my turn is probably coming up! 

I still love the food!!! It is all sooo good!! Nothing is too spicy here though... Which makes me a little sad!!! haha like families will tell us to be careful when we put pepper on our food, because they think its way hot!!! haha soo weird!!

My pants still fit pretty good! They are a little tight around the waist!!! haha Me and my companion weigh ourselves once a week at these little pharmacy stores! and its all in Kilos! haha but this past week I weighed 64 Kilograms which is like 142 pounds! So I have gained a little!!

Hmmm something I want in the Christmas package... The only thing I really want is a step counter!!! I want to see how many miles I walk every day!!! haha they don't sell step counters anywhere here!!! But yeah one of those would be awesome. :) Thanks in advance for sending a package!! I hope it makes it all in one piece!! haha ;)

Well I love you guys soo much and I am so grateful for such an amazing family!! Its always great hearing how every one is doing!! and yes I am still taking those vitamins! haha don't worry. :) I love you guys so much and I will talk to you guys soon!!! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence
 We got some sick hair cuts this past P-day!!! This hair cut turned out alot better than my last one! haha (oops someone forgot to open their eyes too.)

 Haha check out this cool little thing we found in Centro!! We both wanted to be the girl one, but I beat him to it. 

This is the old lady who does our laundry every week! She is soo nice and we always just call her our Grandma! This is also her daughter and her grand-daughter! We are giants here I swear!!! haha :)

In the "Gringo" room waiting for General Conference to start


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