Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Hola familia!!! I love you all soo much. :) man, Hurricane sounds way boring right now!!! haha Thats makes me glad to be in Argentina. :) I am loving it here! I am pretty nervous because we have transfers this next week (November 5th) we will see if I will be staying here in San Rafy or going somewhere else!!! Oh mom I totally forgot to tell you last Sunday... Happy Argentine Mother's Day!!!! :) I love you so much! haha Mothers Day is definitely a bigger deal in the states! haha they have way too many little holidays here so all the shops will randomly be closed once or twice a week... haha but yeah happy 2nd Mothers Day. :)

We also got some amazing news last week... Elder D. Todd Christopherson (from the Quorum of the twelve) is coming and talking to us November 8th!!! I get to shake his hand!!!!! haha I am so excited!!! He will be speaking to us in spanish... so I hope I can understand all of it!!! :)

So as I am sitting here writing, the zone leaders came in and brought me a letter from you guys!!! its from September 17th!! haha and it has Brian Scott's 8 life lessons in it. That is way cool and I am way glad you shared that with me. :) also thanks so much for the letters!!!

Wow there really isn't too much going on with you guys this past week! haha but hey that is way better than having a bad week for sure. :)

So to answer some of your questions... This week was wayyy hot!!! haha holy cow I am just so use to the cold or something... but we also had two giant thunder storms!!! haha I love it so much! The only bad thing about the rain is that it gets super humid afterwards and it is just soo hot and humid!!! haha but its all good! I will probably get use to it. :)

Yeah they celebrate Halloween here! There is a bunch of Halloween stuff for sell and like masks and stuff... My companion told me that they dont trick or treat for Halloween, they just get all dressed up and go to like parties... So yeah it will be my first Argentine Halloween this week!! whoo! :)

Today for P-day we are going to play rugby with all the elders in our zone!! That will be pretty fun. :) Last P-Day we went to this little restaurant place, and it was the first time I have had tacos in Argentina!!! they were like the best tacos I have had in forever!!! you know that little taco place we went to a couple times in st. George before I left?? yeah it was exactly like that! soo dang good!!

So yesterday it was raining before church... and people will use every little excuse to not go to church I swear haha... So yeah we struggled to have investigators come to church yesterday... but its alright! maybe this week. )

But something good happened yesterday! Our ward mission leader had an idea for us... it was just like a little "meet and greet" type thing with our less actives and investigators and active members... it was last night from 7:00 to 8:00 and it turned out way good! a bunch of people were there and our ward mission leader  taught the importance of putting God first! it was soo good! and it was good because our ward struggles to have activities. 

Well, Everything is great here! I am loving the work and loving the people! I love bringing people closer to the gospel and I love teaching about it too! I love you guys so much! Keep having good (boring) weeks! ;) haha I love you all!

Love, Elder Lawrence

Just a cute little puppy we found outside of one of our recent converts house! :)

 Don't ask me why I am smiling weird haha... but yeah we found this giant abandoned factory in our new area this past week! way cool! haha :)

Somos misioneros de la iglesia de JesuCristo de los santos de los Ultimos Dias. :) 
Also this Vineyard companys name is "missionary"...  we always laugh when we pass it because all the grapes are just turned into wine... it's also in our new area. :)

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