Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 (3 Months in the Mission!)

Hey hey! :) another great week! how are you all doing?? I am doing great! I loved General Conference soo MUCH!!! All the talks were soo good! I dont know why I never really appreciated Conference before the mission... We literally get to hear from living prophets!! how cool is that?! :)

It sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Thats way cool Bryson came down for the weekend and got to spend it with you guys! :) 

So I went back to Mendoza Centro this past week and finished my paper work for my Visa! Its funny because I am getting really familiar with Mendoza Centro! haha I road the 3 hour bus by myself to Centro and then I got off and got a taxi for myself and then walked to the office pench after that! haha I could have never done that 8 weeks ago when I got here!!! My spanish is definitely getting better and its alot easier for me to talk to anyone now!

That is super scary about the Mission President in Buenos Aires... I hope nothing like that happens to me! haha I hope he is all better now from that experience! 

So did you guys have a favorite talk from Conference?? I loved David A. Bednars talk at the very end! I felt like he was talking to all our investigators out here in San Rafael! and he talked a lot about "going forth and teaching all nations" and that is exactly what we are doing! I loved it so much!

Something that wasn't too cool about Conference for us out here in San Rafy... So the stake president made us watch the first two sessions of Conference (on Saturday) in Spanish!!! yeah no gringo room! Everyone of the missionaries was way mad at him haha... it sucked for us new guys, because it went from understanding 100% to understanding about 50%... But yeah we talked it over with him and then he finally let us go in a different room and watch it in english!! so thats good. :)

Well nothing too new happened this week. But I am doing really good. :) We are playing football americana today so I will hit you up with some pictures of that next week! oh did I ever tell you about the bowling place?? It isnt even open on Mondays! and it doesn't open till like 8:00pm any other day of the week! soo lame! haha but its whatever.

Well I love you guys soo much and I am so grateful for everything you have done for me and continue to do for me! I hope you guys have a great week!! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Just chilling on some swings we found way far into our area the other day! 

 I took this picture on the way to Centro! There really isnt a way to explain how huge these mountains are... Just imagine that the little mountains that you see in the very front are about the size of Pine Valley... like these mountains are HUGE!

 So I had quite the cool view on my way to Mendoza Centro this past week! I was the very front seat on the top floor of this way nice two story bus!! And yes this street was lined with sycamore trees!!! Reminded me a little of our street! :)

Just chilling in the gringo room waiting for Conference to start!!!! 

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