Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hola!!! How are you all doing? I am doing great here!! :) I had a super solid week and it seems like you guys did too! that is way cool you guys took that little trip up to Midway!!! I am jealous of all the fall colors! Fall is my favorite season!!! haha 

Its great to hear that everyone is doing really good! I am glad Kamrie was able to get her grades up! Yes I remember when I got that 4.0! Best day of my life! haha ;) and thats good that Bryson is liking his job and everything! That sucks that there isn't really any girls at college right now haha! I hope there will be some cuties there for me in 2 years!!!

Yeah I read that email that Marcia Cahoon got... but I don't really get it... because Elder Cahoon actually received a package a week or two ago! haha I feel like its just a gamble whenever sending packages... haha well its up to you! its not a big deal if I don't get a package or not, I totally understand. :)

To answer some of your questions... Me and Elder Connolly are doing way good!!! Church was way good! it was actually fast sunday for us! was it for you guys?? 

We had a bunch of investigators come to church yesterday!!!!!! I am so happy! :D We had 3 of our investigators come and then 3 more that we have been working with from our new area!! yes we did go to both of our churches! haha

I will just tell you about a couple of our progressing investigators... So Marcus and Natili are the two that we want to get baptized by the end of this month! They are both 19 years old and they just got married a month ago and are expecting a baby! Natali was born Catholic (basically everyone here is born catholic haha) but she doesn't like the Catholic church anymore... she is super amazing! we asked her to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon, and she went and read to chapter 10 or something! she is way awesome and came to church yesterday! But her husband Marcus has never had any religion before. We asked him to pray the other day and he was wayyy nervous because he had never prayed before! it was way cool though! such an amazing young family that is the same age as me! haha. I swear I am older than 19! I am like 30 or something.

The people are pretty poor here... We have a family of investigators that struggles to find work so they dont have too much money... its sad but the families are always super humble and are sooo nice!

Oh something funny happened this week... We were eating at a members house the other day and they had the TV on and it was playing a movie, and it was that movie that was filmed on our street in Hurricane!!! Its called the Fly Boys or something?? Yeah well I totally saw the Snowdens house!!! haha I just wanted to tell everyone that that was the street I lived on back home! But they probably would've thought I was crazy or something... Because what are the odds of me seeing my street back home, in a movie, on a tiny TV screen in the middle of Argentina!!! haha :)

Oh one last thing... Our Grandma (that lady who does our laundry) had us over for lunch yesterday, and her son was there and he served a mission in Buenos Aires... Well he asked where we were from and everything, Well come to find out, that he was companions with the person who started "Dixie Dental" in St. George! haha I don't know if you have ever heard of him, his name was Elder Henderson... haha yeah he showed us some pictures of him and stuff... I just thought that was pretty cool! :)

Well Everything is great here! I hope that you guys have a great week back home!!! I pray for you all on the daily:)  I love you guys soo much!!! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Here is where we study everyday!! 

We made some homemade onion rings last night!! Soo good!!! :)

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