Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hola! How are you all doing?? Sounds like you guys are doing good, so that's good!! I am doing wayyyyyyyyy good! definitely one of the best weeks in the mission!!! I got to shake Elder D. Todd Christofferson's hand!!! and he said my name!!! haha it was soo awesome and what he talked about was wayy good!!! He talked about when he served his mission here in Argentina! back when it was just called The Argentina North mission! haha he talked about how bad his spanish was when he first got here!! haha he was way funny! But he also talked about how we all need to just be instruments in the Lords hands! He also talked a lot about the importance of the Book of Mormon! It was soo good and I really don't think I have ever felt the spirit sooo strong! it was amazing!!

So the Zone leaders just handed out some mail and I totally just got 3 letters from you guys!! wow you guys sure spoil me! I haven't opened them yet but thanks for all the letters! I love them so much!!! :)

Our investigators are doing sooooo good! We had 3 attend church this past week! Natali has gone to church twice, so if she goes this next week, she can be baptized!!! Also we have this family of investigators that want to be baptized now, but the parents aren't married, so we cant put a date until they are married, but how cool would it be to baptize a family?!? 

I can't believe Hurricane beat Juan Diego!!! that is way cool! I love Josh Parker!!! Remember when I use to play tennis with him?? that kid is way funny.

That's good that Bryson and Kamrie and E dog are all doing good too! I miss all them! 

To answer some of your questions... I am doing great! :) and Elder Cahoon emailed me this morning!!! He said its just way hot and people live in like mud houses! haha I hope he is doing good though! I just emailed him back!! 

It was pretty nice this past week! I can tell its getting way hot though... but its all good I like the heat. :) 

The meeting with D. Todd was great! Yes I felt like I understood everything he said! His spanish is way good! I feel like I had a break through with my spanish this past week! I understand everything so much better and I feel like my sentences are really flowing!!! haha :)

The other great thing about the meeting was I got to see all my old missionary friends and meet a bunch of new ones! I finally talked to Elder Stevens from Hurricane! He is doing way good! and there was a couple other missionaries I met that I am friends with now. :) also we took a picture with D. Todd Christofferson and our entire mission! you will have to look for that picture on the mission blog or something...

Well everything is great here! We are going to go play rugby again today! also we are going to get super panchos today! they are just like hot dogs in the states haha. :) but a weird thing they do here is the put these dried french fries on the hot dogs always here... I will try to snag you a picture of that! haha :)

Last P-day Hermana Tiarado (from Peru) made us ceviche! it is this weird Peruvien fish meal that is super spicy! haha it was soo good!! I wish there was more spicey food here!!! but its all good. :)

Well I love you guys sooo much and I am so grateful for the best family ever! tell Kam-Ham (Kamrie) to email me sometime! haha I want to talk to her! does she have a boyfriend?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿? Well I love you guys keep up the good work in Hurricane. :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

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