Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Hey hey!! how are you all doing?? That is no fun about the computer being broken! :( haha but that is soooo crazy that Hurricane is going to state!!!! Josh Parker is a total boss!!! Hurricane is quite the place :) haha 

I am doing great! We sure did work our butt off this week!! haha We set all of our goals super high and it shows! it was a great week. :) We have 4 new investigators!

wow that's crazy that it is sadies!! haha I was just barley going to sadies!! wow thank you for reminding me of how I got asked to sadies this last year.... haha just kidding!! that was quite the experience.... haha!

Kamrie has a boyfriend?¿? what the... that is weird haha. His name is Jonas? whats his last name? would I approve of him? haha that's so weird Kamrie has a boyfriend. I guess that is just life in the fast lane!! haha :)

Well to answer some of your questions... Everything is going good with me and Elder Connolly! haha We definitely don't get along 24/7 but everything is good at the end of the day! He is pretty excited to be going home! He isn't trunky though. 

No Natali didn't go to church this past week... Marcus mom is sick in the hospital and she was spending the day with her yesterday in the hospital... but hey hopefully she goes this next week! We had 1 other investigator go this past week! so that's always good. :)

That's crazy its already almost Thanksgiving! Some of the missionaries here were talking about us all getting together and doing a Thanksgiving dinner! that would be way cool! :)

Yes I am writing in my journal!! haha definitely not every night but at least once or twice a week! 

Something else good happened this week! So one of my best friends in the mission, his name is Elder Olsen, asked me if I wanted to room with him up in Provo when we get home! He did a semester of college before the mission at BYU and he says he knows like the best places to live in Provo haha! He is going to BYU after too, but yeah I told him I for sure want to room with him after words! He is a stud! I know its early to talk about that, but yeah just thought I would let you know. :)

Well everything is good here! not too much new! man I definitely know my area now, I have all the street names memorized! haha that's what I get for walking up and down the same streets all day every day!

I love you guys soo much and I am so grateful for such an awesome family! You guys should try to read the Book of Mormon all the way through as a family! I try to read 5 chapters a day (in Spanish and English) and I love it! well, Thanks for all you guys do for me! "CTR all day erry day" -Bryson Lawrence 

Love, Elder Lawrence

Oh P.S! Some Hermanas that are in our district were in Mendoza Centro this past week, and they said that there is a package for me in holding right now! The Zone leaders are going to give me a paper to sign today so they can get it out of holding... but yeah its in Mendoza!!! I cant wait to get it! :)
Love you guys so much! :)

 Our scarfs finally got put to use!  Our fridge broke a couple weeks ago and we had to deep clean the inside of it because it was way gross. Yeah it smelt bad so we had to wear our scarfs as filters! haha :)

 Check out the hotel we stayed in when D. Todd Christofferson came to Mendoza!! 

 The sunsets are always the best after it rains here!! 

 Hey quick question... where is Fadwa from? Is she from Colombia? Because this past P-day we had some Colombian food! It's called Arepas Colombianas! No joke it was like the best food I have ever had! Also Elder Connolly had a comp. from Colombia so he wanted to get a picture with the workers that were all from Colombia! 

 We got to see some classical Argentine dancing this past P-day at this little fair thing! It was so awesome! I filmed some of it so I guess you can see that in 2 years haha. :)

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