Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014...Four months in the mission and transfers!!!

Mom!!! I had a crazy good week! Holy cow I love it here! So are you ready for the big news about transfers???......... I am staying in San Rafael and I am killing Elder Connolly!!! haha (that is just missionary talk meaning that I take him to the end of his mission) Yep I will be Elder Connolly's last companion before he goes home!!! I am excited to be staying here because we are so so so close to 2 baptisms!!! I will keep you updated with all that for sure. :)

Wow today is Dads birthday!!! that's awesome he is finally 32 years old!! I love dad soo much and I am so grateful for his awesome example of serving a mission!! I cant imagine how tough it would be in Ireland with the cold and rain always! It rained so much here this past week! I legit thought it was going to snow this past week!! haha definitely the coldest summer I have been in!! the weather changes so fast here!!! But yes I hope dad knows I love him so much and wish him a happy birthday! :)

Halloween is definitely different here in Argentina! haha We had a member come with us Halloween night to the Cemetery, and he didn't even know it was Halloween! haha there was no Halloween colors or anything either, just from me and my companion, I wore a purple tie with black pants, and he wore an orange tie with black pants! haha but yeah we bought some treats and had a way good Halloween!! :)

That's awesome that Hurricane beat Park City! but that is sad about everyone breaking their bones! haha I hope we can still win without them! and I hope they get better soon!

So to answer some of your questions... I am doing way good! I feel super healthy!!! I love the 1 a day pills... I feel like those keep me healthy for sure. Also I gained another kilo!!! haha we weighed ourselves this morning! so heck yeah I am gaining weight! :) I hope Bryson starts feeling better!

I am so excited for Elder D. Todd Christofferson this week!!! I have never meet someone from the 12 apostles! So this will be such an amazing experience!

Well the rain definitely did keep our investigators from coming to church... haha it even kept some members from coming. But yeah  just pray for good weather on Sundays!

Well Elder Cahoon is pretty nervous, because he is getting transferred to a tough area... it's in San Juan which is the very top of the Mendoza mission... it is like 100 degrees there right now! but yeah Jared is an awesome missionary and I know he will do great wherever he goes. :)

Well everything is great here! I am way excited to be staying here! San Rafy is all I know! haha but yeah I love bringing new people to the church and strengthening members testimonies everyday!!! I literally love missionary work! That's awesome you guys went to the temple the other day! I wish there was a temple here so bad! I hope that you guys still have a goal to go every week! The temple is the most amazing place in the world!

Well I love you guys so much and I am so grateful for you all! It looks like you guys had a great Halloween! :) I hope you know that I am always safe and take care of myself! you worry too much. :) thanks for all that you guys do for me! and Dad Happy Birthday!!!! :) Love you all!

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Just taking Elder Connolly to the end of his mission! haha 
 I fixed our fan!!! haha I am basically just a handyman for everything in our pench!

 Just some cool graffiti we found! Oh also, 2 new elders are coming into our new area this transfer! So yep we are back to just one area!! They are washing the area, and someone is training there!

¡Happy Halloween! Just me and a member at the cemetery! His name is Gillermo (he is 21 I think), he just received the priesthood a couple weeks ago! Such an awesome guy!

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