Monday, January 12, 2015

Hola Familia!!!

Hey Hey! Sounds like you guys had a way good week!!! wow I swear you guys wait till I leave to do all these random cool little trips!! haha ;) but hey, I am doing good and we had a really good week this past week! 

Bryson's classes sound sweet! sounds like Kamrie is doing good too and that's way cool about Ethan with all that Krushurz stuff and how they might go to Cooperstown!

Well not to much new going on in Argentina! But hey for our mission there is some new stuff going on! :) We had Zone Meeting this past week and there is some changes for us elders in San Juan (and only for the Elders here in San Juan) So because it is so hot here, the siesta is getting longer... and because of this, the elders here are allowed to take a 1 hour siesta break from 2:30 to 3:30! so yeah we are totally allowed to take an hour nap!!!! how cool is that??? :) haha but also because we lose this 1 hour during the day, we are allowed to stay out 1 hour longer at night! so we can stay out till 10:00 or to 10:30 if we have a lesson! I think its pretty cool and I am liking the changes a lot. :)

I still can't believe that its hot here and cold there! The difference between here and at home while its hot is that it doesn't cool down at all at night! Our houses just turn into little brick ovens!!! Also, here in San Juan they get these things called "Zonda" and its kinda like a thunderstorm but it doesn't rain at all and there is just a super super hot wind! Its really weird! 

We had a good week! We have some really awesome investigators! We have been teaching this girl Noelia, she is 15 years old and no one in her family is members except for her Grandma, but she lives with her parents for half the week and the other half with her grandma... Well at the Christmas party, me and Elder Apodaca talked to President Goates about if it would be alright if we baptized her even though only her Grandma was a member, and he said that would be fine! So we started teaching her the Sunday I got here and she has progressed a ton and now has all the lessons and she has a baptismal date forthis Saturday! but something sad is going on... We tried to teach her with her parents and they wouldn't let us into there house, they said it was fine if we taught her at the grandmas but they don't want to hear our message... Well...We have been talking to Noelia a lot and she thinks her parents aren't going to let her get baptized this Saturday... but we are going to go talk to the parents tonight and see what they are thinking! Keep us and Noelia in your prayers!

We have also been re-teaching the lessons to this lady, her name is Alba Chavez and she has 5 kids and they are all members, but she cant be baptized because her husband doesn't want to get married, he says it is just a piece of paper. So we feel super sad for her because she is one of the most faithful people here! We are trying to keep her positive but its just tough for her sometimes because she really wants to be baptized!

I will tell you about some other investigators next week! Oh one last thing I wanted to tell you about! So here in Albardon the members are kinda weird about going to church, like they kinda take turns, about 35 members will going one week, and then like 30 the next week, but all different members! The people here just think it's okay to go every other week! and sometimes they all go on the same week so there will be like 60 people at church! Well the first week I got here we had about 40 people go to church (we have to keep tract, its part of the numbers we report every week) Well then we started teaching members about the importance of going every week and how it blesses our lives if we do, and the next week we beat the record of having the most people go to church at one time with 72 people, but then this past week we worked super hard with members and reactivating less actives, and we had 90 people go to church yesterday!!!!! isn't that crazy!!! The church was like full! It was way exciting for us missionaries here in Albardon to see that many people at church! :)

Well I love you guys so much! I hope you guys have another great week! It probably wont be as great as my week this past week, but hey, that's ok. ;) Keep working hard and remember to pray always! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Call me a nerd, but I officially know how to do a rubix cube...haha!

 This family in our ward has a pet fox!!! They caught it and then they just made it their pet! How crazy is that!

 We have matching ties! We got them as a Christmas present from President and Sister Goates!

 My piano skills are getting put to use! I was teaching this kid (his name is Giovani) some piano... he is pretty good for a 3 year old! haha :)

 We had a mutual activity this past Saturday and a ton of kids came! We had 5 investigators too! It turned out way good! Except I don't know why the only 2 white kids look so white compared to everyone else (me and Elder White) haha!

Me and Elder Apodaca are called as the Young Men counselors in our Barrio, so these kids are ours!

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