Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!! and 6 months!!!!!

Wow! crazy how fast the time is flying!!! I cant believe I already have 6 months in the mission! I am loving the mission and loving the person I am becoming! So much good has happened this past year! 

Sounds like everyone had a great New Years! We had a fun New Years Eve too! We had the Elders of Retiro come over to our pench and spend the night with us! and we stayed up till midnight and got onto the roof of our pench and watched all the fireworks around us!!! it was amazing! we also had an asado! soo good!! :)

So here we have church at 9:30 in the morning! and it never changes because we are the only ward in our chapel... but also we have like a 40 minute walk to our chapel so we have to leave a lot earlier! haha

Wow that is crazy how cheap gas is!!! It is not cheap here!  Well I don't really know... its like 13.00 pesos for a liter of gas... so whatever that means! Mom I know BreAnn's new companion! I used to work with her at the city pool for two years! she is cool! what a small world!!

That's crazy all these peeps are getting married! So Bryson's not going to be a nurse anymore? dang, I am still going to try to major in nursing! I legit know I could do it... 

To answer some of your questions... I am doing good! yes we are working super hard! it was kinda hard to get into houses this last week... just like Christmas week! haha but its all good, now that all the holidays are over! :)

Yes me and Elder Apodaca get along really well!! He says I remind him sooo much of his brother!  He is a way good Elder and I am way lucky to be his companion!

Well I don't have too much else to say! We might have another baptism coming up in a couple of weeks! That would be amazing! :)

Well, I love you guys so much and I hope you guys have some good goals set for this next year! I have some! I want to read the Book of Mormon in English in 3 months and I want to read it in Spanish in 6! Thanks for all you guys do! It's great to hear how good you all are doing! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 We went to Walmart this last p-day and it reminded me a ton of the one in Hurricane!!! Doesn't that look like Pine Valley right behind it???

 Best. day. ever.... there was a McDonalds connected to the Walmart!!!! I love American food! haha :)

 Happy 6 month mark!!! :)

A member here is really good at sewing and she tightened a couple pairs of pants for me! What do you think??

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