Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Hey hey family :)
Wow this week sure did fly by! wow it sounds like you had a jam packed week with work and all that church stuff! That's fun that Bryson came down for the weekend and was hanging with Taylee! I love Taylee she is like the funniest girl I know! haha

That's awesome about Johnny Payne getting his call! and that's crazy that Addi is going on a mission too! how cool is that!

That's good Kamrie and Jonas aren't too serious anymore, I emailed her last week and said something about it haha!

So to answer your questions... Me and Elder Apodaca are doing really good! Yes we are allowed to take siesta during the day, but we have been realizing how bad it throws off our day... so we don't really do it! Its hard because it makes us not tired at night!

So whats going on with Noelia is.... No we didn't get to baptize her this week :(
We went and talked to the parents last Monday, and the mom was wayyy cool! she was totally fine with Noelia being baptized! But then the Dad came home and was like in a way bad mood and he said that we couldn't baptize her... but the mom said it was fine if she still went to church every week.. so that's cool still! I hope she will just go to church till she turns 18 and then she can sign the papers for herself and be baptized!

Its way fun being called as the Young Men's counselors because we get to go to their activity things every Saturday! They either just play Soccer or sometimes we do a service project! But yeah its awesome!

Oh something else I wanted to tell you, so the other day we wanted to go weigh ourselves, because I haven't weighed myself since I had been in San Juan... and guess what... I weigh 150 pounds!! that's crazy huh!? I finally can gain a little weight! haha! :)

So I got a gross little story for you... So yesterday we were eating lunch with a family, and the food they give us is always a little gross... not to be rude or anything! haha... but yesterday it was all four of us Elders eating with this family, and they made this HUGE pizza for us! and we were all way hungry because we didn't eat breakfast, so we were eating a ton of it and way fast, and I look up at Elder White while we are eating this pizza, and his eyes go really big and he is looking at the pizza and he goes white like a ghost! and he doesn't take another bite after that... well he writes down a note on a piece of paper and passes it under the table to me, and I open it up, and it says "tons of bugs in the pizza" ...and I look down at the pizza, and there were TONS of these baby cockroaches dead in the pizza!!! we think that they must have just got into the spices and when she put the spices on the pizza she couldn't see them! So yeah I probably wont be eating pizza for a long time! haha it was quite the experience!

Mom I totally forgot to tell you last week! I got all those cards from you guys! I got the ranch packets and the Hershey bar and the Andes mints! Thank you sooo much I loved it a ton! :) I also got a card from Grandma Ligtermoet and Rob and Lacey and Grandpa Sinclair! He sent me an awesome picture of you guys when you and Dad were just newlyweds!! I loved all the letters! Thanks a ton! :) 
But no luck on the packages!

That's awesome that Ben and Amberlee came over! I miss them tons! That does bring back memories of us all hanging at our house!

Well I love you guys tons and I love seeing pictures and everything! :) I hope you guys don't get cockroaches in your pizza this week! haha love you all! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 So Silvana's mom got married this past week! Her husband isn't a member so we are going to start teaching him too and see if we can baptize him!!!

 So this past week me and Elder Apodaca both had headaches when we went to bed, and we were freaking out because we thought it was like carbon-monoxide or something (even though we have a detector thing) So we just moved our beds outside for the night and changed our sheets so our good ones wouldn't get dirty!  But hey we are fine now, no carbon-monoxide in our house. :)

 We saw a way legit sunset the other night! This is what the clouds looked like! I zoomed in way close!

I forgot to tell you, our backyard is a vineyard!!!! its way nice! oh yeah I also got myself a Christmas present! I bought this shirt and another one that looks the same but with different colors! It was like $15 for the two of them!

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