Monday, January 26, 2015

Transfers and 7 months!!!

Hey family! I am doing way good! :) I cant believe how fast this week went and I CANNOT believe how fast this whole transfer went! this past 6 weeks in Albardon with Elder Apodaca sure did fly bye!!! So yep, we got transfer calls last night! and Elder Apodaca is out of here!! and guess where he is going...yep... San Rafael!!!!!  It's not my old area but it is pretty close to it!

My new companion is Elder Perez! He came in the same group as Elder Apodaca so I kinda know a little about him! He is from the states but his dad is from Chile so I think he already spoke Spanish! I am way stoked to be staying here because we have been working with some super awesome families of investigators! I am feeling another baptism this transfer! :)

Dang I wish Kyle was going back out on the mission! and that is crazy about Addi getting her mission call!!! what language is she speaking?? that's also crazy Bryson and Tails are dating! 

I am doing really good! We got 7 new investigators this week! its 2 families! they are super friendly and super accepting too! Its a lot better to teach a family than just one person in a family, well that's what I think!  

No I didn't get sick after eating the pizza! No we never told the mom that there was bugs in her pizza haha! We usually do have pretty good luck with most of our meals with members! I usually love everything we have! I cant wait to come home and make Argentine food for you guys! 

The Young Men's are doing good! this past week we just played soccer with them, but this week coming up, it's our turn to think of an activity for us to do! haha we haven't thought of one yet but we will think of something! haha

Our investigators are good! This family we just started teaching, they asked me what my name was (like people usually do haha) and so I told them my name was Elder Lawrence and they were like "noooooo what's your name!" and so I told them and I think they thought I said "Lake" because all of them just call me Lake now haha!

We haven't been teaching Noelia because she wont be able to progress but she is coming to church still!

I think I might have an experience I could share for your relief society thing... I don't have alot of time right now to write but remind me next week and I will write it down for you. :)

Well, I love you guys so much and I am so grateful for such a supportive family! I am sad to see Elder Apodaca leaving, but I am excited to have Elder Perez too! I hope you guys have a great week! Chau! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

oh PS that is kinda a bummer about the package haha! But hey its alright just eat all that candy for me. :)

 Chau chau Elder Apodaca!!!

 Me and Elder Apodaca right after church ended.

Probably one of the biggest vineyards in our area! You can't tell but it goes on foreverrrrrr!

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