Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Hey Hey family! I am doing great! I cant believe that this was Valentines week??  I don't even know when holidays are happening anymore!!! Today is actually a really big holiday here in South America called "Carnival" and yeah its just like a giant party with tons of booths selling stuff! haha I heard its more crazy in Brazil but yeah its pretty chill here!

Wow it sounds like you guys had an awesome week with tons of eating out and stuff!  I am jealous! We will have to go to Kneaders sometime after I come home! It's good to hear that everything is good with Bryson's thyroid stuff!

Its nice to hear that Joe is doing good too and he gave a really good talk! It's good to hear that you guys all had a great week and had a Happy Valentines Day!

Are you serious that Ben got a Tattoo?? That's crazy! I wonder if it is real or not!! If you see that kid you need to tell him to email me! Also that is awesome to hear that Kody might be going back out on his mission soon! I would die of happiness! haha I love that kid!!

This week was probably one of the fastest and best weeks of my mission again!!! So you know that family that I told you about with the big 6"2 dad and stuff...Well the dad (his name is Christian) he has been out of work for a long time now and their family has been struggling a lot because they don't have food to feed the kids and it is just really sad for them right now... but we taught them the power of prayer and how God answers our prayers... That night they prayed as a family and he prayed that he could get a job soon so he could feed his kids, well right after he finished the prayer they hear someone clapping outside there house, and its one of his old friends that he hasn't talked to in a while... Well his friend comes up to him and tells him that he has a job for him where he will have solid hours of work everyday and he will get payed well!!!... He was soo happy when he told us this and he couldn't stop thanking us! but we just told him to thank God through prayer! We also invited them to church yesterday and.....  They all came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep all five of them came to church! it was like the best day of my life!!! they stayed for all three hours and really loved it! Also we went by there house last night with our bishop and just kinda explained church a little better to them... and then we started talking about baptism... and now they have a date to be baptized March 14th!!!!!!!!!!!! they were all really excited when we talked about baptism!!! it made me sooo happy! they still have a couple little things they need to work out before there baptism, but I am soo happy for them! I have such a strong testimony that God answers our prayers and that he really has a plan for all of us!!!!

So to answer some of your questions... Everything is really good with me and Elder Perez! We stayed busy! We had 9 lessons with member this week, but something else cool this week, at church, our bishop read a note to everyone in sacrament meeting and it was from the stake president congratulating me and Elder Perez and the other 2 missionaries here in Albardon for reaching the goal of getting 10 lessons with member! it was really cool! I didn't really know he saw those numbers but yeah it is way cool that he is happy with us!!!

I will share one last thing! We have a new investigator (her name is Rosa) and she lives alone with her 5 kids, and she only can see 10% in her left eye and nothing more... well her kids are basically all under 10 years old, but they are sooo helpful to her and they listen sooo well to us! they all just sit quietly around us as we teach the mom. The mom is super nice and she follows all of our commitments! She has prayed a lot recently and it is just really great! We haven't invited her to church yet, but this week we are going to!

We that is about it for this week! It was a way good week! Thank you guys for your prayers always and all the support! I sure do see the blessings that come through prayer!!! I love you guys soooo much!!! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

Just eating some lomos for lunch!!!

  I cut out Elder Perez face on accident...but we went and got a BIG thing of ice-cream last P-day! and yes I did wear my church pants! haha

This little girl in our wards name is Milagros but we translated her name for her (miracles)

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