Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hey fam bam!!! This was legit probably the fastest week in my entire mission!  I can't believe it has already been a week since I wrote! I am doing really good this week and me and Perez had an awesome week!! this week we had 10 lessons with a member present! and that is like wayyy hard to do here!! the average is like 2 or 3! I have never got 10 with member in my mission so that was way awesome!!! 

We did only have one investigator go to church though... but hey its totally fine! This past week we worked a ton on finding new families to teach! and I found this family that I love!! the mom and kids are way nice, and on Saturday we meet the dad and I was pretty nervous because the dad usually makes decisions for the family here, so this guy comes out and he is just a monster! haha he is like 6"2 and 240 pounds and he is like way riped! he works out a ton! haha but we sat down and started talking with him and I guess like 5 years ago he was the Champion in some giant boxing tournament with all of Argentina, and he is a way nice guy! he is like a giant teddy bear! haha We have taught them twice and I have an awesome feeling about them!!

That's good to hear that you had a good/boring week! It sounds like Bryson had a fun weekend too! and Joe sounds like he is doing really good too! its awesome hearing about everyone and how they are doing!

hmm I never heard of the movie "Project Almanac"... geez you should start making a list for all the good movies I am missing for reals!

Mom Hermana Flavia is awesome!!! That's awesome she posts pictures of me and my companions!  She is way nice and feeds us every Saturday

It sounds like E and Kamrie are doing good! Tell Ethan he does need to follow in my footsteps and get a 4.0 like me! but also tell him to not follow in my footsteps of my grades the next quarter after that! 

So my luck finally ran out... I had to give a talk yesterday in church!! haha dang it! it was a 10 minute talk about The Restoration. It was pretty easy to write, because the first lesson we always teach people is the restoration! I felt good after because the bishops wife came up to me and said she could understand everything I said and it was a good talk! 

all in all, it was a way good week! I am glad to hear that you are all doing good! Thanks for all the support and everything that you guys do for me! I love you guys sooo MUCH!

Love, Elder Lawrence

oh PS! We got a email this morning that is telling us we can receive packages now! The only thing is that we have to use personal money to pull them out of holding. So yeah keep that in mind! you can check the email I got about it. Chau love you guys! :)

 Just the front of the little town I have been living in for the past couple months!

 Chilling in front of some cool graffiti after Zona Meeting.

Waiting outside a members window because she was going to give us some coca cola!!! haha 

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