Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey Hey!!! :) wow I didn't really even know it was Superbowl weekend!!! haha I hope you guys ate a lot of good snacks for me!!!

Everything is great with me and Elder Perez! He is such a stud missionary!! you wont believe where he is from... yep... Chandler, Arizona!! That is the same city that Elder Connolly is from!!! They didn't know each other before the mission either they went to different schools but in the same city! He is a way cool kid though... He has 11 months in the mission and we were like the same person before the mission! haha like he is a hipster too. yeah I still carry the phone though!

I am glad you guys got my package!!! whooo! sorry I kinda made you guys my little mail-men for all the letters haha! but yeah it sure is easier to get packages there then it is to get them from over there to here! haha :)

Mom it was sooo cool getting to hang out with Elder Fullmer's parents! They were soo nice and they gave us a ton of American candy!!! And they bought us Grido too! I thought you guys were going to flip out when you got the email from them haha! We went by some members with his parents, and his parents knew zero Spanish!!! It was soooo weird to me because I just felt like we could all understand what the people where saying in Spanish, but his parents had no idea!! It's just crazy to see how far I have come with my Spanish!

Wow Kamrie's friends are super weird... like that is way weird they think its ok to go into our house when no one is home... like I could see Tyson and Lincoln and those guys doing that but not with like girls and stuff?? that is way weird! haha

Really everything is great with my new companion! He is super awesome with trying to get people to church! We sent out a bunch of text last night to investigators and less actives saying that we look forward to seeing them at church! We have worked wayyy hard this week! I don't really know all the times for when buses drive by in our area, so we have walked a lot!!  I feel kinda bad because he isn't used to walking because he just left an area that has bikes and he was there for the last six months... but he is ready to walk again and dang he works way hard! I love it!

So I have a crazy story for you guys! So last night at like 10:00 we were sitting on our roof (because our house becomes a little brick oven at night) and it feels really nice outside... well we see this storm coming in really fast and there is tons of lightning and wind... and then all the power goes out and it is just pitch black but with tons of lightning... well we are just sitting in our house sweating wayyy bad because it is so hot... but the power finally comes on at 2:30 and then we go to sleep... Well this morning we are getting ready around 7:30 and I am putting my clothes on, and then everything starts shaking hard core! and I could hear stuff falling in the kitchen really loud! well my comp is also getting ready and we just kinda look at each other confused.... and after 7 or 8 seconds it stops. and we didn't really know what happened! haha but yeah it was totally a Earthquake!!! I have never felt one before and either has my comp, so it was really weird for the both of us!!! Just a couple of our books and stuff fell and hit the ground so that was the loud noises we heard... but yeah that was quite the experience!! haha :)

That is so awesome that Joe is home!!! Does he have an accent??? How was his mission?? Did he love it?

Well I am glad you guys liked the package! I am super grateful for all the letters and everything Ï get, so I just wanted to do something little in return! :) Thank you guys for all that you do!! you guys are my #1 fans in the mission field! haha so thanks for always rooting me on! :) I love you guys so much! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Last picture me and Elder Apodaca took... if we look super tired, its because we are!!!  Elder Apodaca had to be at the terminal at 5:00 am and my comp didn't get to San Juan til 3:00 pm!!! So I was basically there all day waiting!!! Nooo fun!

 These grapes are huge!  

Just me and Elder Perez chilling on our neighbors car this morning! (I need a hair cut i know!) haha

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