Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hello family!!! how are you all doing?? I am doing really good again!!! we are working soo dang much! It's so nice to have a second to sit down and write you all!! Don't worry your emails aren't too boring! haha I think it's better to have a boring week instead of a bad week!!

Hey quick question before I forget... when is everyones birthdays?? I don't want to miss saying happy birthday to anyone!

That's funny Kamrie had to give a talk this week in church! She is brave to do what she did! Oh I think I forgot to tell you guys this... But every other week me and Elder Perez teach the Principles of the Gospel class! I did that with Elder Apodaca too... its pretty easy now, but at first it freaked me out! haha

That's awesome Ethan went to the Klondike! I remember the good ole' days of going and sleeping in the ice caves! That is cool that Krusherz is starting up!

It sounds like Bryson is doing good too! He needs to figure out what he wants to be when he is older! haha and that would be crazy if he was married before I got home!  I would be sad to miss the wedding but I would understand! 

That is crazy I got my mission call over a year ago! I cant believe that! The time is going wayyy fast! and Tyson Spendlove got his mission call! That is way awesome! Texas will be the bomb!

To answer your questions... our investigators are doing really good! also, we found a HUGE new family of investigators! They are soo awesome! Their name is the family Flores and they remind me of the Long family! There is 7 girls and 2 boys and 2 parents (almost the opposite as the long family) haha but they are so cool! we met them last Tuesday and taught them twice last week, and then 2 of the daughters came to church yesterday! after church we had plans to eat with them, and it was soooo good! they feed us asado!!! we also got to teach them again yesterday, so they are progressing a ton!

Chirstian and his family didn't come to church yesterday because he got called to go to work like last minute (which is lame, because he prayed for work but also that was a sign for him to go to church... haha) but he told us it was a one time thing and that he is for sure going to church this next week!

So we went by Rosa and taught her again this week, and she prayed for the first time ever in her life, and it was one of the most sincere prayers I had ever heard! She prayed so much for her family and friends before she even thought to pray for herself. She is progressing a lot and we plan on having her come to church this week!

This week we have been working so hard to get lessons with member, and we got 14 lessons with a member! Our zone leaders told us that our district had the highest numbers in the mission this week! it was way exciting to hear that!!

But yeah everything is way good here! I am super happy and I am healthy! I feel like I eat so much so I think I might be gaining weight!  Every night I make 3 eggs before I go to bed! oh something new I like (which I use to hate before the mission) Apodaca would always make me eat eggs sunny side up... and now that's what I eat every time! It's so good!

Its good to hear your Book of Mormon reading is coming good! Mine is coming good too in Spanish!! The mission seems to be getting easier for me and that makes me happy. :) Well thanks you guys so much for the prayers and support! I love you guys so much and I hope you have a great week! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Don't really know how to explain this haha... we found some cool flowers so we were messing around with them! haha :)

 So everything that you can see behind me is still my area and on the other side of those mountains is Chili!!!

 Elder Perez is about to hit his year mark this week, so he is burning a shirt! haha he had me wear it so he could get some pictures of it before its toasted

 I bought myself a new tie (Christmas present) it reminds me of a picnic blanket!

You cant really tell, but this horse that our investigators have is sooo skinny! 

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