Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 11, 2015

Hello Family! How are you all?? :) Wow it has been such a jam packed week here in the offices!!! It is so nice to just sit down and write you guys! almost every day this week we were getting up around 6:00 instead of 6:30 because of all the stuff we had going on!

Well to start off... wasn't Conference the bomb??? I loved it!!! So many great talks! 2 talks that really stuck out to me:

Larry M. Gibson (Priesthood session)- Talked about how we need to lay the foundation for the next generation and to lead our families. He also shared an awesome experience where he walked 50 miles with his sons in 20 hours... and one of his sons said he would never do it again, but then his other son said "I will never do that again... unless my son wants me to." and that just totally made me feel the spirit when he said that and he helped me realize how I need to be such a good example for my children how dad is for me and Bryson and Kamrie and Ethan!

other talk I liked a lot:

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (Sunday morning session)- He shared the story of the 2 brothers canyon climbing in Snow Canyon and how the brother wasn't going to be able to make it all the way to the top because of how hard it was, and there was no way back, so he helped his brother to the top, and then he just jumped upwards hoping to grab the top, and his brother was right there to help him up! He compared this experience to The Fall of Adam and Eve. he asked the question "are we all just hanging from a cold canyon?? waiting to fall?" and then he basically shouted "NO!!!" He told of how the fall is part of our happiness! I loved this talk and it sure was a testimony strengthener!

Everything was really good this week! Oh! something else crazy happened.,, Elder Trelease is getting special transferred out of the offices 2 weeks early!!! yep I have his tickets all bought and he leave for San Juan TONIGHT!!! I am way sad I am like such good friends with him!! :( I will send you a picture of the tie he gave me! it is way nice. Also something cool, his parents are coming to pick him up, so I will be the one to go to the airport and find his parents and get them to the mission offices and make sure everything goes smoothly for them! I can't wait!

Oh speaking of driving, my International Drivers Licence still hasn't come... I imagine it will come this week but if it doesn't I will email you Saturday and you might have to send one again... because I HAVE to be driving soon, once Elder Willard is gone I will be the one who needs to drive for sure.. I have been learning stick a little bit already! just in parking lots and stuff like that... haha its pretty legit. :)

To answer some of your questions... Transfers are on the 22nd of this month! and yes Elder Mortenson will be my companion! I am excited because we are from the same group and he is a total boss! We actually, as of tonight, are companions! We will be in a tri-companionship till the end of this transfer!

Also I totally love the Yo-Yo that Elder Trelease's mother sent! It is the best stress reliever! haha I have gotten pretty good at it too. :)

That's awesome that Zach stopped by our house! That makes me way happy! we email every once and a while and he is doing really good!

It looked like you guys had a way fun Easter Week! We ended up not having time to decorate Easter eggs, but hey maybe next Easter!:) I hope you guys remembered the true reason why we celebrate Easter! Everything that we have or will ever have is because of what happened on that Easter Sunday over 2000 years ago!

I love you guys so much and I hope you know how happy I am here in the offices and how much I am growing here and learning and just everything! Its great hearing from you guys too I always look forward to your emails and pictures! :) Have a great week and pray always!

Elder Lawrence
MisiĆ³n Argentina Mendoza

 The General Conference Crew!

 Just our best buds from our group! 

 Just sitting here trying to guess where Elder Willard is going! Where do you think?? All the zone names are up top.

 Chau chau Elder Trelease! Oh also the tie I am wearing is the one he gave me! I gave him the gold and light blue skinny tie I had.

The whole office crew right before we said chau to Elder Trelease!

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