Saturday, April 4, 2015

9 Months!!!!

Hey Hey Family! How are you all doing?? I am doing really good! Happy Easter Weekend and General Conference Weekend!!! I can't believe this is my second General Conference in the mission! The time is for sure flying! I feel like I just told you I had 8 months and now I already have 9!!!

Yes we will get to watch General Conference! and I think we are going to watch it in the church that is right next to our mission offices. We will watch the priesthood session at 1:00 today so just in a couple hours! We kinda don't get P-day today because of General Conference, we are just going to write our families and then watch Conference!

Wow it does sound like you guys were busy this week! Sounds just like a normal week for me to be busy haha. Ethan could of gone and visited my companions family when he was playing baseball in Mesquite this weekend!;) They are like a 15 minute drive from there! He is actually from Moapa Valley, not Vegas.

Haha that is crazy that Sera is totally engaged! I feel like my grade is way too young for all that but whatever!

The package will probably cost around 10 dollars to get out of shipping... it's just all that money adds up when every missionary is trying to get packages, so that's why we have to pay for it ourselves now.

So for my spiritual thing I wanted to tell you guys about...
So just the other day I was studying my Patriarchal blessing because it had been a while since I had read it, and as I was going through it something from it stuck out A LOT to me! it says "You will be blessed with callings throughout your life. You will have callings in the mission field which will help you help other missionaries progress"... and I had never really thought about it, but that is exactly what I am doing... all day my main job is to help other missionaries progress! If it's by making them become legal citizens here in Argentina or if its just making sure they have a plane in here or out of here! Even when I am putting missionaries onto planes after they have served here for two years, I am helping them progress to the next point of their life!!!  Also this past week we had interviews with President Goates because that is what we do every 3 months, and I shared that with him, and we had a way spiritual talk about it and the power of revelation! I felt the spirit way strong that day! So amazing!!! 

To answer your questions... Yes I feel like I am catching onto everything here in the offices! No I am not to nervous to be alone doing tramites (transfers)... I should be fine. :)

We do have a solid investigator! He has attended church a lot but his thing is that he is not divorced but he has a girlfriend but they don't live together.  There is a lot to it and it is way confusing and he doesn't understand why he cant be baptized but yeah one day he will understand.

Well... I hope you guys enjoy your Conference Weekend and have a good Easter!!! Remember the true reason we have Easter! Pray for the spirit so that you can hear what you need to hear this Conference! I know the spirit will let you hear what you need to hear!!! I love you guys sooooo much! have a great week! Be safe always! :)


Elder Lawrence
MisiĆ³n Argentina Mendoza

 Fun fact about Argentina: All milk is in bags! And how you keep it from spilling is cutting a bottle in half and putting it in that.

 Me and Elder Trelease wearing our jerseys and taking a picture in our broken mirror.

 We call this the Harry Potter closet... because it is soo tiny! haha you can go to the bathroom and shower and shave all at the same time!

They have quite the collection of cereal in the office pench! It has another layer behind all of it that you can't see! Its about 6 months of cereal for 8 Elders! haha

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