Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015

Hey Fam Bam! How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing great! That's cool you guys are up north right now! You better be safe driving around in all that rain! I hope everything goes good at Nolan's baptism! I actually just received an invitation from Kenzee to the baptism! Nolan is totally growing up! Holy cow.

And I always keep all the family in my prayers but I will be sure  to keep Grandma in my prayers. I love her so much I hope everything is ok!

That Video of Kamrie was awesome! She is pretty brave! I want to go repelling there sometime! and that is crazy she was in 10 dances for the dance company performance! wow she is a boss.

That is funny that Bryson is a hobo kinda right now. How did Bryson's grades end up? Where is his new apartment at? Is he not rooming with Joe? 

Don't worry mom I wont eat under cooked meat we got a talk to us about making sure we are washing our hands right before we eat, because that is a main way to get e-coli too... don't worry I am being careful!

Everything is going good here! it was a little stressful week, but nothing I couldn't handle! I am officially solo here as Secretary! My new companion is Elder Mortensen and he is from Willard, Ut. (funny it's like my last companions last name) He is a boss and he is teaching me stick shift right now. Stick isn't that bad! I have drove a couple times to the airport this week and once I get on the freeway its just like driving an automatic car!

So May 7th Elder Jorge F. Zeballos is coming to our mission! He spoke at this past General Conference his talk was called "If You Will be Responsible" it's way good. It was the only one that was in Spanish... Well yesterday I was talking with bus companies and with an Hermano that lives in San Juan about renting big buses for this event. It's a lot of pressure sometimes because I have to make sure that everyone in the mission will make it on time and that buses will come to pick them up! I like it though, keeps me on my toes haha. :)

So we have been in taxi´s a lot here in the offices because President's car broke down, so me and Elder Mortensen started playing this game, where every time we are in the taxi, whoever is in shotgun, has to bring up the Gospel within the first 5 minutes of the taxi drive. So we were doing that, and we met this really awesome guy! He was about 25 and had just started a family, he has a son and his name is Joaquin (I remember that because it reminded me of Joaquin Phoenix. haha) But he turned our to be really interested because he said it was tough sometimes trying to balance family/work and religion all together, and that's why he wasn't going to the catholic church.. Well we just talked to him about how the Gospel could balance it all out perfectly. He sounded way interested and gave us his address!

Well I hope you guys have a good safe weekend up north! Tell Nolan that I am proud of him and I wish I could be there and that I loved his little note! haha he is a little genius! I love you guys so much and you are all in my prayers always! :)


Elder Lawrence
MisiĆ³n Argentina Mendoza

 Just showing off our new Argentina World Cup jerseys!

The good ol' office staff or should I say the good ol' office bowling team.

 Bowling! Me and my new companion Elder Mortensen.

 My turn to snack throughout the day. Its not really even peanut butter its more like cream you would put on a cake that kinda taste like peanuts... but its all we got here! haha

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