Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20, 2015

Hey Hey!
What a crazy week! I heard that news from Elder Trelease's Dad! I am soooo excited that you guys can send me a package through them! That is sooooo nice of them!!! hmmm things I want in it.... well I am really getting sick of all of my ties hahaha seriously though, they are all getting pretty dingy (I have only been wearing them for a year straight) so if I could just get a bunch of new ties that would be way cool! Like 10 ties no joke, you could send some of my old ones too if they are nice! (like the two I got from Makaylee from prom and stuff) I like ties that aren't really fat (skinny ties are cool) and I really want a grey tie or two because I don't have one! (also Elder Mortensen just told me he would like a tie as well ;) It would be awesome to also get some taco sauce packets! Just so we can make tacos here in the offices! Definitely some candies! I am not really sure what kind. Just some American candy haha. :) maybe 1 or 2 nice pairs of socks from like pack sun with cool designs in them. I feel like there is something I am forgetting that I will want! I will let you know if I think of something.:)

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good! Can't believe Kamrie is driving now! Tell her she can't steal the truck, because that is mine when I get home haha! Hope she liked my little gift. :) tell her to stop growing up so fast!

I'm glad to hear that you got to go to the temple twice this past week! So awesome that you have a temple so close! makes me way jealous. I cant wait till we can go to the temple all together after the mission!

I am doing way good! This week was a little long! I did tramites basically every day! When I do tramites we have to wake up early and get to this one building around 7:00. My comp is a saint and always comes with me, he deserves a new tie probably... ;)

Happy Fathers day to Dad!!! Thanks for always being the best Dad possible for me and being such a great example a serving somewhere where it probably wasn't that easy to serve! :) you better do something awesome with him! like go to Oscars! Zach emailed me this past week and he said he is still working there! 

Well amazing news... Ariel and 3 of his children assisted church this past week!!! It was sooo awesome! we went and picked them up that morning and took them! plus it was a perfect week for them to go. It was fast Sunday because we had Stake Conference the week before, so tons of people was bearing some way strong testimonies! Literally one of the best weeks they could of possibly gone! We are going to pass by tonight and invite them to go to church again tomorrow! plus church is only 1 hour tomorrow because there are elections for the new President here! asi que mas vale! 

Sorry this letter is a little shorter we don't have too much time. Ask me those same questions next week and I will answer them! Sorry I will send a bunch of picture though. I love you guys sooooo much. Thanks for the support and prayers. I hope you guys have a great week as always! I love you!

Elder Lawrence
MisiĆ³n Argentina Mendoza

PS... I really do love Swedish fish, you cant find anything like them here. Also, you cant find anything sour here and I love sour things!

 All the adventures from today!

 Its all fun and games til my comp rips his pants while we play a quick game of soccer.

 This crazy dog that always barks so loud at us 

 And a night selfie right after that haha.

 We all wore red for this last Zone Conference. We were looking good. :) I had to borrow a tie from Elder Mortensen because I didn't have one that was all red.

 I made those Reese's peanut butter bars! They were a big hit in the offices for sure. I also took them to this meeting we had with our bishop.

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