Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 6, 2015

Hey Hey!!! How are you all doing?? It looks like you had a really good weekend! Tons of fun! and that's so cool you guys got to go to an Angels game! I loved the last time we went!!! remember how we won free tacos or something from Jack in the Box? yeah that was awesome. psh you know I would've been out there body surfing too. :)

I am glad that Kamrie healed all good from the wisdom teeth! Sounds like she didn't get to have as much fun as me and Bryson, full week off. :) haha

It would be awesome to work at Biolife! I love that stuff! haha Yeah someone needs to hook me up with a job like someone hooked up Bryson! haha :)

It's great to hear that Darian is doing good! That's crazy she broke her leg! How did she do that? Oh and fun fun that Joe Arvig is staying with you guys this weekend! ha :)

Oh how it was a busy week here! I could make this email 20 minutes longer by writing all the stuff I had to do! but I wont bore you with all of that. :) I will just give a few main details:

So on Monday I went to migrations, to the bank, and back to migrations, all before the siesta to make the missionaries legal who were not legal. Then on Tuesday Me and Elder Mortensen woke up at 4:00am to take Elder Veintimilla to the airport to go home to Spain. I drove to the airport 5 different times that day! (all in the truck that is stick) so yeah I am like a pro at stick now! haha

We weren't able to visit the Funez family at all this week :( I never noticed how much Elder Willard helped me last transfer while we were both secretaries together. Yes this next transfer I will receive my new companion who will be the next Secretary! I am way excited to find out who it is!!

We always try to motivate ourselves to work out a bunch but we aren't too good at it! but once or twice a week is better than nothing! 

The new Assistant to the President is Elder Child, he is way cool!! He is an awesome missionary and is way good at sports, he is like the same height as Bryson, no joke! but talking about Elder Cahoon, he is a Zone Leader in Godoy Cruz!!! I was sooo happy to see that he went up to be a ZL! He is a boss, even without an appendix. hahah :)

So this past Monday, Elder Veaters dad (my ZL in San Juan) came to pick up his son, and he said that he knew his dad would be completely lost here in Mendoza, so he asked me if I could go pick him up at the airport and take him to his hotel. Well we were waiting for him in the airport with a piece of paper that says "Bro Veater"  Well I guess he totally just walks right past us!  So we kinda freak out for a sec and I go and ask the front desk people who send me to some police guy and we search for like 10-15 mins and eventually we found him! haha

Hey mom quick question, so Elder Veaters dad brought a ton of awesome stuff, and he gave me a HUGE thing of peanut butter! Well I just had a question, do you think you could send me the recipe of the Reese's Cup brownies things you used to make? They taste like Reese's and there is chocolate on top, yeah if you could pass me that recipe that would be awesome! :)

Well! It looks like you guys had an amazing week! and I hope this week will be just as good for you all. :) This is something that both Lincoln and Tyson said in their last emails sorta that I liked cause its true, but the mission is literally the hardest thing I've ever done, but I know this is the best thing ever!!! So Hard, but so good for the rest of my LIFE!!! I love you all sooooo much!!! You are the very best family evs. 


Elder Lawrence
MisiĆ³n Argentina Mendoza

 Bye bye Elder Kidman.

 Just sitting here waiting for the train to come.

 We made/ate tons of french toast right before Elder Peters went home.  Maple syrup does not exist here at all!!!!!!!!!!! That bottle was brought here from the states.

 Lunch with our Bishop the other day. He is the Bishop of Godoy Cruz Centro.

This is Elder Ruiz Diaz and he is the Pensionista. We had to go pick up his new comp pretty late the other night! 

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