Saturday, June 13, 2015

Officially on the downward slope!

Hey Hey!! Yep you read it right! A year from tomorrow I will be getting on a plane to return home!! How crazy is that?? and the following day I will be getting off the plane and giving you all tons of hugs!!! That will be an awesome day for sure. :) 

Yeah, I am going to burn a shirt on July 2 haha. :) there will be 3 of us burning our shirts on the same day in the offices: Me, Elder Mortensen and Elder Solomon! 

Megan and Boston are perfect for each other!  They both have that blonde hair and they are both way tall!

Glad you got a lot done this past week! It's crazy Kamrie is growing up way too fast and I thought her and Jonas broke up forever ago? Kole Richins is a boss and that's way cool he is going to Minnesota for his mission! Tell Kam to stay away from boys.

That's pretty good that the Krushurz took 2nd in Kanab!  I'm glad you guys didn't get a ticket driving home! That would have not been fun. Want to know some Argentine driving rules? Here they are:

1. You have to have your lights on whenever you are driving, day or night, if you don't you will get a ticket.

2. You cant turn right when the light is red, and you can turn left almost never. yeah I don't get why not either.

3. All street lights are on timers for about 30 seconds each.

4. Almost every street is one-way! 

5. You can park anywhere you want, serious even in the street, just if you put your hazards on.

Ok that last ones not a rule, but everyone does that! it always freaks me out! haha

I am doing really good now! It was a pretty intense week again! We did a lot of tramites which was fun because I love meeting the new missionaries! They always have so many questions, its funny.

I had a kinda frustrating experience this past week doing tramites... so one of the places we go to you have to have to pre-buy some papers that say you will be going on a certain day at a certain time... Well something came up and we weren't able to do the Warners tramites on the same day we bought the ticket for, so we went and tried to go the following day, and the lady just exploded on me! She was like "you cant just come here the day after your turno expecting to be able to do your tramites?!?" and in this place it is basically just us and the workers and she is like "If you go to a dentist with a turno that has already past is he going to let you have your dentistry work done???" and I was like "well yeah if they have the time like you guys obviously do" and she didn't like that too much haha, but yeah the Warners felt bad that she yelled at me so they took me to Burger King afterwards in Mendoza Centro and it was wayyy good!!! It's been forever since I have had that stuff! It was worth getting yelled at. ;)
We had our interviews this past week with President! It went very well! Its funny because I already see him a bunch, so the interview is more just like we are having a conversation, its just all very natural. :) 

Psh,  don't feel nervous about me driving. :) my driving skills are off the chain. I am worried about you guys too! Just always be safe with all your stuff. :) Tell Ethan to be safe canoeing

Well I am super grateful for everything you guys do for me. I don't know what I would do without you! You guys are my motivation. :) I love you all soooo much! Just 1 year to go from here! so crazy!  Ok Chau love you. :)

Elder Lawrence
MisiĆ³n Argentina Mendoza

Kody (soon to be Elder Wilson:) sent me a letter with some awesome pictures of some classic old memories! 

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