Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18, 2015

Hey Hey family! what an intense week! I have tons to tell you guys!

You all sound like you are doing great so that makes me happy. :)

Elder Benedict is great! we get along way good and he is picking everything up sooo fast! Way faster than I did I think! His trainer was an old Secretary and I think he might have taught him a thing or two already. :) Elder Benedict used to be in theater and stuff like that so I told him I love Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera and so we talk about those a bunch and sing the songs a bunch haha! Elder Benedict is a stressed out he told me but I promised him it's just transfer week. We counted how many phone calls we got on Tuesday alone and it was over 50! He answered most of them ;) And Elder Mortensen's new companion is way sick! His name is Elder Bingham! He is mega funny and he follows the rule of being Financiero (must have glasses...haha) and he is from Salem, Ut. (where Elder Christensen from my group is from)

Mom..... that was literally THE BEST PACKAGE OF HISTORY!!! haha I am serious! Thank you soooooo MUCH! I loved it sooo much. I love that calendar that you sent 3 times to Argentina! It finally made it! and all of those ties are sooo awesome! Me and Elder Mortensen wore our matching ties on transfer day! Everyone kept complimenting us in the terminal! We felt awesome, plus that tie is way awesome how it's half paisley and half not! haha so sick! and those socks are so rad! The grey and light blue/green ones are sooo awesome. I am wearing some of those socks right now as we speak haha. Also everyone is in love with the eagle shirt and the "Right, just choose it" shirt is way sick! Where did you get it? Thanks sooo much again for the package. I don't think anyone on earth has ever got a better one haha :)

It was also soo cool to meet Elder Trelease's family! he was so nervous to see them! haha I was too, I don't even know why but I was shaking! I loved being there to pick them up from the airport. They were so nice, and the dad gave me a hug from you haha :) So yeah thanks for the hug! I sent one back! They are a great family.

So Something crazy did happen this transfer... So we just sent of all the old missionaries out and now we are just waiting for the new ones to come in at 4:30pm... and they never show up!!! Everyone gets off their planes, but not them! So we wait and wait and wait and then President tells me I have to start calling my people in Buenos Aires, so I call and call and call and I talk to one of my people who was there in the airport in Buenos Aires and he said he watched them get on the plane..... so I am sooo confused.  Well we keep waiting forever and then I get a phone call from someone in Buenos Aires telling me they will arrive at 7:20pm. So we waited some more and then they finally arrived! What happened was that all of the Gringos got on the plane but they wouldn't let the Brazilian kids on so the gringos got off and waited with them... pretty crazy! haha :)

That makes me so sad to hear about Olivia and The Buetler family :( I am going to pray a ton for them. Man life is so fragile. I know they will all see their loved ones again.

So quick little story (sorry way long email) but a week or so ago we walked out of Vea (its like lins but without anything good haha) and we held the door open for this man right behind us and he thanked us well we started talking a bunch and he told us we could stop by sometime... well Elder Mortensen and Elder Bingham taught him a lesson last night, and they set a date for a baptism for the15th of August! So that is way cool! He lives in our area too so we will all take turns teaching him. I hope everything goes good!

Well fam bam, I love you guys soooo much!!! You guys are the best family ever. I pray that Mom and Dad and E-dog drive safely to Island Park Idaho and back! it sounds like you guys are going to have a bunch of fun!!! I hope you tons of pictures. :) Have a great week! Thanks again for the package! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 So grateful for this family! It was so awesome to meet them. :) I hope I can pay them back some how some day. 

 Just got spoiled with all this good stuff!!! 

And the shirts live on! haha :)

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