Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25, 2015

Hey Hey fam!

I am doing good! hah mom you don't need to worry so much! I was just a little under the weather with a cold or something, but yeah its gone, no need to worry!

That's awesome you guys are on your big trip! I am pretty jealous! take a bunch of pics for me! That's crazy you guys are leaving Kamrie with a car! I kinda forget that she is now 16 so she can but still!

It's great to hear you guys went to the temple! I love/miss that place! man I cant wait till they make a temple here in Mendoza, I will definitely come back for it. Your story you told me about what happened at the temple just made me laugh wayyy hard! haha like I laughed out loud! haha

Sounds like you had a busy week! I imagine everyone sure is grateful for all that you do in Relief Society! :)

Where is Austin Nielson going again? Kamrie sure will be lonely all week! I like never hear from her haha.

I totally forgot to tell you! I did get the "hump" day card! It was sometime last week but yeah I got the $20! whoo whoo! thanks so much. :) Hey also if you are with Grandma tell her thanks so much for her card too! I loved them both!!!! 

The investigators are doing good! The new investigator didn't go to church this past week :( me and my comp passed by the family of Ariel and talked to them a good little amount and they said they would go to church tomorrow! Also something funny happened, we were out doing some tramites and we were walking down the street and I hear "eyy eyy!" and Ariel is running over to us!  So we had a good conversation with him! I hope he is going to go to church tomorrow!

So I got a call just like an hour ago from the Secretary person in our ward and he asked me and Elder Mortensen to give a talk tomorrow. I have to talk about D&C 4 and Mortensen has to talk about Charity. So let me know if you have an extra talk in Spanish haha ;)

Well everyone is about to go play some golf! I am not sure if I am going to go, its kinda pricey and I have already gone and Elder Mortensen isn't feeling too good.

But hey! I love you guys soooo much! Don't worry about me, I am doing great. :) I am just getting a little excited to leave the offices! Have a great week in Idaho with all the family! be safe!!! I love you guys soooo much!!!!

Love, Elder Lawrence

 We happened to drive by these way cool gates that I remembered seeing pictures of on google before the mission, so I forced Elder Mortensen to stop the car so we could take some pictures.:)

 So funny story, our Pencionista is deep cleaning his room way hard core (as you can see in the pictures)... well as he was cleaning, he found a package that had fallen behind a shelf, and it happened to be for my companion!!! haha It got here last November!!!

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