Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 8, 2015

Hola mi familia como andan?? espero que todo bien en la casa! :)

I can't believe that school is already starting back up! That seems like that was the quickest summer ever!:)

Haha mom I am always here to talk so if you need to vent you can always vent to me. :) and mom, you got this, you can do all things :) 

That's cool about you guys getting Kams a car to drive! She better not crash or get a ticket or anything! haha

Tell Bryson I say what's up when he gets there! That ring he bought Taylee is soooo pretty! We were all dying over it here in the offices! It's crazy how many kids are getting married in my grade! You should get me that list! :) That's crazy Bryson will be married by the next time we skype... what day is it all going to be on?? Taylee is going to be a way awesome sis-in law! It will be so fun hanging out with those two! Mom! I used to alwayyys tell you I wanted to do my reception at the Bell Tower because of how cool some of the ones were that I went to there and you always told me that it was too far away and no one would go... hmmm looks like you changed your mind I see...... ;) hahah

Yeah I am almost out of here! (the offices) only 17 days! (but whose counting) I am pretty stoked to see where I go! do you guys have any guesses of where I will be going?? You have that old photo of all the zones in the mission.

Well we actually did a good amount of teaching and opening the mouth this week! Ariel and his daughter Milagros went to church! So they both have 3 assistances! pretty awesome! :) If he could break some of his bad habits he would be so ready for baptism! Also the Hermanas of Trapiche (which is the area right next to us) is having a baptism tonight! so we are going to have Ariel come with us to it!! :)

Something I will miss about being here in the offices, is meeting all the new missionaries! They are always so nervous at first but so excited to be here! They work way hard too. I really hope I will get a companion that is newish to the mission! We will see though. :)

Well fam, I love you all to death and way past that. Thank you for always motivating me. :) you are all great examples for me! Be safe! Mom good luck going back to work! You are the best and I imagine all the students love you! Have a great week! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

Just some sweet graffiti we walk past all the time, you cant really tell how huge it is until you see me standing in front of it! We got some pro graffiti artist down here in Mendoza. :)

Elder Lawrence and Elder Mortensen post soccer

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