Saturday, August 1, 2015

13 Months!!!!!

Fam! I loved all those pics of Island Park and Park City! looks like tons of fun! I swear, you guys better not be all "vacationed-out" by the time I get home!! haha ;) I am surprised that it was actually a little cold there! Kinda sounds like here! Well I think we are starting to already get into spring. I can't see my breath in the morning anymore here. sometimes at night though.

It's still pretty crazy to hear that Kamrie is driving. Tell her to not crash. That's sick that Kole is in the MTC. I have been emailing a little the Elder that is coming here from Hurricane and I told him to bring me a Dr. pepper or some candy haha!

I am doing great! getting pumped to go to a new area! :) This was my first time ever being in an area for 4 transfers! I was in San Rafael for 3, Albardon for 2, and here for 4!!! crazy how time flies. So funny story, I totally didn't have to give my talk!  It's because Elder Mortensen got sick! and so he talked to our Bishop, and he changed us giving talks for our comps to give them! it worked out pretty nice (for me) ;) But hey, I still wrote some of the talk down though! But yeah, I am pretty sure I am not afraid to give talks... one time, I had to get up in front of like 90% of the mission after Elder Zeballos talked and I had to tell them what time they would be leaving and in which buses.... IN SPANISH! Yeah I was pretty nervous, my heart was pounding. 

Yeah I have 24 days left in the offices! but who's counting ;) So Ariel is doing better! we taught him twice this past week! He is moving back in with his kids! the only sad part is that his wife is leaving. :( man we have taught soooo much about the importance of the family. He also said he and his kids will be going to church this week! Pray for them.  I have heard that a bunch though. Argentina is the Europe of South America. I'm not saying you can't baptize, you just have to work really hard and teach always with the spirit!!!

I am doing way good! this past month was a little slow, but hey, its now my birthday month! Wow, I am going to be 20. call me a grandpa! haha :') So we couldn't go golfing last week because Mortensen being sick and all, so that's what we just got done doing! It was way fun, we went to the same place and everything from last time! Tons of fun. :) Elder Child kicked my butt though.

Well I love you guys tons! Have a good rest of your vacation and drive safe the rest of the way home! :) you guys are the best family ever. I feel super blessed because of you guys! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS... Yes I did get that tie clip! its way sick! the only thing is, is that tons of my ties are too skinny to use it haha cause its longer than they are. :(

PSS... I better get some pictures that you take today. :)

We didn't golf 9 holes, but we went to the driving range again! way fun! I don't think I got any better from the last time though.....

New Comp Elder Benedict

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