Monday, August 31, 2015

14 Months!!!

Hey Hey everybody!

Man that was a pretty long week to have to wait all the way till Monday to write! But I imagine I will get use to writing back on Mondays. :) 

I am doing wayyyy good! Benavidaz is amazing!!! It's a lot like Albardon but not as big! It's kinda weird I feel like I kinda got culture shock again! haha I forgot how poor everything is up here. I also forgot how much we walked! The first full day I was here, I used my little step counter thing right when we got home from lunch, and we walked like 4.6 miles just that night!  I went from driving a car everywhere to instantly walking a lot! But I will get used to it just like I did when I was with my trainer. :) 

Elder Lillie is good! He has been here for 2 transfers already and we have tons of investigators! We actually are baptizing a family of 4 this up coming Saturday!!! The family's name is Villega! We have meet a lot with them over these past couple days and the last couple things we need to do is to teach them the 10 Commandments and have them have an interview with our District Leader. They are great. I have become way good friends with one of the sons named Gabriel! Other than them we are teaching a ton! It might just be because I am new but yeah I feel like we are teaching tons of people! It's also way nice because we have lunches with members everyday! In the offices I only had lunch with members once a week and the members were the Warner's on Sunday! haha :)

Yeah I totally miss all of the people in the offices! They prank called my phone the other day haha But yeah, the Warner's are awesome and I will sure miss them a ton!

Don't worry Grandma is in my prayers! I hope she will be doing better this week! That X-ray picture was pretty intense. I know blessings are coming her way!

Hope everything is going good for you at work! and I am glad to hear Bryson is working again! What kind of car did he buy? Don't worry Mom, I am trying to enjoy every second of the mission and not let it pass me by too fast! The real world is going to be weird after the mission! haha

Kamrie looks like she is doing great with cheerleading and everything! Awesome to see that Trevor Stackhouse asked her to homecoming! haha yeah one time I think I got in a fight with him or something. But that was like 2 years ago ;)

So yesterday was Stake Conference here in Chimbas, and it just so happens to be that Albardon ward is in the same Stake as us! It was awesome because I got to say hi to tons of the members of Albardon! I also saw one of the coolest guys from my ward in San Rafael! I am not sure why he was there... He was holding some girls hand so maybe she is from here, but yeah he kept telling me about how good my spanish is now and how bad it was before! haha it was a pretty funny conversation. :)

Well, Everything is going great here, I am getting use to being in the field 24/7 again. :) definitely trying to get use to the hard core heat here!  Yeah it's already like 80 degrees here and summer doesn't start till November!!! I love you guys sooooo much! I loved all the photos and everything! I will try to send some photos but I am not too sure if this computer will let me. I am trying my best to be obedient because I literally see the blessing that come from it! I hope you guys have a great week! 

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS. where is Justin Gubler going again?? tell him I say good luck and that he is going to love the mission!

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