Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey there good lookin fam :)

How are you guys doing?? I am doing really good! I will answer your questions and what not but first.... That was a HUGE earthquake!!!! Hahaha I have never felt anything like that in my life!!!! We were at an investigators house sitting down and reading some scriptures and out of no where the whole house and everything was just shaking, It felt like I was on a small boat in really wavy water. I remember telling you about that one time I was in Albardon and me and Elder Perez felt one... but this one was nothing like that... This one lasted for a solid 2 minutes of pure rocking and shaking. And after like 10 seconds of shaking our investigator said "It should stop now" but it never stopped. He told us to stand up and go out front with him and it was pretty hard just to walk out front and we get out front of his house and it was like pretty chaotic in the street, I could here police sirens and cars honking and people yelling and then our investigator yelled to us to stay out side and he took off running to find his kids. It was pretty crazy too because no ones cell phones were working and we were trying to call our district leader but it wasn't working. We went back to our house and just everyone was outside of there houses looking for their kids and what not and then we went and talked to the lady who owns our house and lives right in front of us and she was crying because she couldn't get a hold of her mom.... I wasn't too scared it just felt like I had been on a cruise for like a week and then I was on flat ground... But yeah everyone was telling us it was around a 8.0 in Chile but we felt a 7.3 or something like that here! Pretty crazy stuff. :)

Ok enough about the Earthquake haha :) I am glad you guys got to go to the temple before it shuts down for a month! I really cant wait to go to the temple with you guys after the mission!! It will basically be like me going for the first time again because it will be 2 years since I last went! :)

Glad to hear everything is going good with work and that E and Kam are keeping the grades up! So is E-dog planning on playing Baseball or Tennis or both or what?? haha Tell him I loved both, but tennis was a lot more tranquilo because I had a job and everything.

I really liked what you shared from what Bro. Broadbent said about Feasting upon the Word! That's way true. We just have to find the same desire.

Everything is going great in our area! We are seeing a lot of success! We have started teaching the familia Villegas cousins pretty seriously, they have been going to an evangelist church but they aren't that serious about it and we have only passed by a couple times but they always seem happy to see us. They have a son named Luis who is about our age and he seems to be taking the lessons the most serious, he is praying and everything on his own! Its great to have progressing investigators! :)

Wow that's crazy that the Toone´s are already home! 18 months really did go fast. It's so crazy to me that BreAnn and Nadia will be getting home pretty soon too! The Hermana´s that started the mission with me have less than 3 months left in their missions... I will have to send something home with Hermana Keil for you guys! :)

Well I hope you guys know that everything is going great for me here and everything is going great with my companion too. I hope you guys are doing good and will have a good week! I am learning tons and growing tons too. Tons spiritually, and no joke I got growing pains the other day so maybe I am going physically too (I hope) haha! :) I love you guys soooo much! I will talk to you soon!! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS.... Hmmm that's a good question about the package, we recently received an email from the new office crew and they were telling us that it would be easier now to send packages, but here is what you would have to do. instead of sending it to Casillo de Correo 631 you need to send it directly to the missions offices. The address is: Cabildo Abierto 161, Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina 5501. (I am glad I was in the offices because I have all that stuff just memorized now haha) So yeah if you are thinking about sending a Christmas package just send it directly to the offices! :)

 Best district meetings ever because afterwards we play ping-pong

 Cool rock I found in our apartment with the name of our area on it.

 Just in the rich part of our area I found this awesome street.


 Just me practicing like Rocky would on the punching bag that is randomly in front of our house!

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