Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 14, 2015

Sup family. :)

How are you all doing?? Sounds like you guys are doing great, so that makes me happy! Everything is going good here as well! Man this week was jammed full of meetings and reunions and all that good stuff, but I will get to that later. :)

That's sweet you guys took a little trip up north, sounds like tons of fun!

Wow that's a pretty freaky story about Lucy leaving all by herself! Glad that someone was nice and picked her up and kept her safe til they found her parents!

It's also great to hear that Grandma and Grandpa Lawrence are doing better!

So this week started with us having Zone Conference on Tuesday combined with the San Juan Zone. It was way good and fun to see President and the Assistants and stuff. President jokingly asked me if I would be riding back with him to Mendoza to get back to the offices but then he was like "oh wait that's right, you have already escaped from the offices" haha he is awesome. :)

Well right after Zone Conference my comp traveled to San Luis to do super tramites there! Well while he was there I was able to go be comps with Elder Moody up in my old area of Albardon!!! It was soooo awesome to see some of my old investigators and everyone remembered me so I was way happy about that! I had this idea for a family night and I tried it out with this family up there that was one of my favorite families back in the day. It was about "Faith without works is dead" and so what I did was I bought a cake and we put the cake really close to us but I put all the forks and plates across the road from where the cake was. Well I asked them all who wanted cake first, and one of the little girls raised her hand and I said "ok give me your hands." and everyone just laughed and laughed because she got way messy with cake in her hands. and I asked "who's next?" and everyone was too scared to go haha, so I explained to them that they know where the plates and the forks are, they just have to go get them. and I explained that is how our faith is. Everyone can say they have faith and blah blah blah, but some people don't realize that faith is ACTION. We can show our faith by going to church or reading your scriptures. Just like the plates and forks, these things wont just be handed to you. The cake is your faith and you have to support it and act on it!  Everyone really enjoyed the family night and so did I, It was really great to see them again. :)

So I was in Albardon from Tuesday til FridayFriday we were able to visit some investigators and they all thought we ditched them forever!  We had to explain everything that happened and then they forgave us haha:). Saturday and Sunday was Stake Conference so we were able to see President and Hermana Goates again those days! Stake Conference was way good and the congratulated us and the family on the baptism this past weekend. Everyone has welcomed in the family Villega greatly so I am really happy with the members here and their support!

Alright well I best be heading. I think we finally found a good cyber so I will able to send pictures good and everything. Man, I am super blessed with an awesome family! I love you guys so much and I am always happy to hear you are all doing good! I hope you guys have a great week! I am learning tons and progressing tons as well. :) stay sweet.

Love, Elder Lawrence

 One of the best days of my mission. :)

I just realized that I never sent a photo home of me and my companion at the beginning of the transfer...so here is a photo of me and Elder Lillie! also this is in front of our pench. We live behind a house and the people in front of us own a punching bag and it's good luck to punch it once every time we leave the pench haha!

Not too much else too say about these photos...just a bunch of gringo missionaries. :)

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