Monday, September 28, 2015

15 Months!!!!

Hey Hey family :)

Things are going great here! Glad you guys got the stuff worked out so my companion got some money from his parents! He still has 6 months left in his mission but hasn't really had the chance to buy things in his mission. We really do get along well! He has had some tough companions that is true!

Sounds like you guys had a pretty chill week! Tell Kamrie I said good luck at Homecoming! Glad to hear that Hurricane beat Pineview last week!

I am doing good! We are still keeping pretty busy! It was pretty lame though, because we invited tons and tons of people to church because it was my companions last Sunday and we were both also giving talks, but like no one showed up!!! Not even like the members that usually come... but yeah everything went good with our talks! I talked for 10 minutes about the power of personal and family prayer. I think it went pretty well! I hope at least!  It wasn't too hard to write because I have my preach my gospel and Liahona's and what not. :) My companion talked about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. His went way good. :)

There is not too much new news here either! My companion and I did divisions this past week with our ward mission leader and with this kid in our ward that is 16 years old named Marcos. I went with Marcos and we had some way cool experiences! We were walking to the set lesson we had planned for that night, but this guy stopped us in the street and told us about how his family used to have the missionaries coming all the time to their house a few years ago and everyone in his family was really happy, but now a few years later, he can tell that everyone isn't as happy as they use to be and his wife is thinking about leaving them. He told me he wants to listen now and with his whole family so that they will be happier and his wife won't leave! I told him that for sure we will pass by and share the gospel with them once again! We plan on going by their house tonight or tomorrow!

Also while I was with Marcos we had a way solid lesson with this couple names Nestor and Mara, and it went way good! Mara isn't a member and Nestor is really less active, but she really wants to go to church but her husband is way lazy and is looking for work. She even prays and everything. We shared a scripture about how we are free to choose eternal life, but we are also free to choose death and unhappiness. She really liked it and she cried a little with an experience Marcos shared about how he used to be inactive. Well I invited her and her husband just to come to Sacrament at 11:30 and she was like ok ok ok I will be there! and Marcos was like ok I will see you there!.... Well yeah she didn't show up... Either did Marcos! haha it was way weird and lame.... but whatever, I am still going to try and work a ton with them!!!

Well fam, everything is going great here. :) This next Sunday we get our transfer calls! We will see what will happen! Also this weekend is General Conference! I am way excited for that! I know it's going to be so good. :) You guys better watch all of them. haha jk just if you want too. :) But I will watch them all. :) Have a great week! I love you guys sooooooo much! You guys are the best! Keep being great examples. Pray as a family every night! Be safe! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

  Me and my comp got our shoes shinned last P-day! The guy was actually way nice and he told us he has shinned like millions of missionaries shoes haha!

 San Juan Centro Plaza

 Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, Banana phone!

 Benavidez has a pretty cool view for sunsets wherever you are. There is just tons of fields.

 You can just go ahead and call me Chef Lawrence for now on. This families house is the closest thing to the United States I have ever seen.

This photo isn't the best, but did you guys see the red moon last night? It was pretty legit.

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