Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

Hey family!
How's everything going?? It sounds like everything is going good! Yeah this week went way fast! It's was a great week of work here!

Sorry I am not going to have time to write a lot today! My SD card for my camera totally has a virus and I have been trying to fix it for like 45 minutes now, that's what I get once I have to go back to San Juan cybers! haha
Sounds like everyone is doing good there! It's good to hear you had a cool experience at the temple! and glad that Hurricane beat Moapa (that is Elder Willard's school I think haha) and wow that is totally the second Peach Days that I have missed! I liked all the videos and photos you sent! They always make me laugh. :)

Yes we were able to baptize the Familia Villega this past Saturday! It was sooooo amazing! It was the first time (other than when I was baptized) that I was able to go into the waters of baptism and help someone that way! I know I wasn't there to teach them all the lessons, but I did help a little and I feel like they are all family to me! Probably one of my favorite family's here in Argentina. :) I have never seen anyone so ready for the gospel.

Everything is going great with me and Elder Lillie! We have been working way hard/good together! I am getting use to walking again! It's just like before haha.:) I honestly have been really blessed with awesome companions, everyone always tells me that. Elder Lillie is also way good at cooking, so we made tacos one day last week and we also made artichokes! I was so excited to eat them! haha it has been like 2 years since I had had an artichoke! It definitely wasn't like how they are in the states, but it wasn't bad! :)

Sorry this email is really lame and short. I really am doing good though! I feel like Benavidez might someday be my favorite area. :) I am frustrated with my SD card... I think I might have to buy a new one... my comp is sending me the photos right now of our baptism so I will forward them your way! :)

I Love you guys tons! Have another great week! Grandma Ligtermoet and Grandpa Lawrence are still in my prayers! and so are you all as always! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Elder Ford!

 This was the last time I went to the airport as Secretary before it's actually when I am going home!

  This is with our investigator Ariel... I hope he continues to go to church and change his life!

This was also probably the last time I will ever see Elder Sandquist before he goes home in a transfer! But it's all good because I am going to see him up at UVU. :)

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