Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Hi there family. :)
That was a pretty fast week that we just had! I cannot believe that first quarter of school is already almost over! I remember thinking that summer went fast for you guys, but I feel like that went even faster! I am glad you didn't have to yell at the niƱos too much about their grades! The home is happier when the grades are good. :) haha

So guess what.... you will never believe who my new companion is....  I am training...... ELDER LANDT!!! Yep yep yep, you read it right! I am training Elder Russell Landt who happens to be from Hurricane Utah (He lives up by Karter Beardal and Makaylee Shea). :) I cant believe that one of my companions is literally from the same city that I am from!!! He was visa waiting the past 6 weeks in Ventura, California. He got half of his training there, but I will be with him for the next 2 transfers to do the rest of his training. :) He told me that Ventura was way awesome and they had a car and stuff! I am pretty jealous haha (remember how I wanted to visa wait?) but I think he is going to like it a lot here too. :) He didn't bring any American candy because he didn't have room for it in his bags, but it's ok I will forgive him someday... ;)

I forgot to tell you guys last week, Elder Mortensen is also training this transfer! He is training another one of the visa waiters that went to Lubboc, Texas for 6 weeks and he said he met Jessica Langston there! But also something crazy, He came up to me and he was like "Hey did you play tennis with JD Gates as your partner??" and I told him yeah and stuff. Well come to find out that he is from Cedar City and he totally versed me and JD in tennis! and I totally remember him and who he played with! It was a big coincidence but yeah now we are like best buds. He tells me that he remembers him winning against us, but I don't remember, so I am pretty sure me and JD won.... ;)

I also met a few new Elders that said they read and saw pictures from my blog before the mission so they kinda had an idea of it! That was kinda cool! I wish I got to meet them all better! This new group of missionaries is awesome, everyone was really impressed with them when they went out and talked to people on the streets with them!

Glad to hear everything is a go for the wedding! wow only 41 days! I hope Taylee won't be stressing too much! It's just a wedding haha. :) I better see tons of photos from it! :)

The weather has been pretty weird here! It has been freezing cold here! It has almost rained a couple times but it is overcast all day. When the weather starts to warm up here I think the people will start coming out of their houses and we can start teaching tons of people. :) The weather really does affect the people a lot here!

Well That's about it for this week. I'm pretty sure I am forgetting to tell you guys a ton of stuff... I am really excited to be training Elder Landt, he is a stud. :) We are going to have a lot of fun together and we are going to teach a ton and baptize! Thank you guys for everything you do for me! You are always in my prayers! I hope you have a great week! :) I love you so much!

Love, Elder Lawrence
 Me and Elder Landt right after we found out we were companions! Still can't believe my companion is from Hurricane!

 Some of the newbies with their trainers!

 Awesome awesome awesome blanket that Elder Landt brought from Hurricane. :)

 The old district just right before transfers, I don't know why everyone's hands are on my shoulders.

Some action photos from the week!

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