Monday, October 5, 2015


Hey Hey family shmamily. How are you guys doing?? I am doing great!! I am way excited with our transfers! So you were right mom, Elder Lillie is out of here! He is going to the providence of San Luis! He is pretty excited, His new companion is Elder Ramirez from Buenos Aires, I don't know him to well, but he is probably cool! and for my transfers...... I will be staying here in Benavidez and I will be training!!!!! I am wayyyyy excited to train! I am also just a tid bit nervous but I think I will be fine. :) I know this area pretty good and I have made tons of good relationships here so I am getting excited to train someone that knows nothing about the mission. :) I know that there are 8 new Elders coming from the United states and there are 4 coming from South America! So we will see if I am with a gringo or a latin! I will find out this Thursday when I go to Mendoza for training meetings. :)

Haha yeah you caught me! I pulled some money out too when Elder Lillie did haha. We did get to do a little shopping last P-day! I will get you a really cool souvenir don't you worry. :)

Wow! That's awesome to hear that we won our Homecoming game!! I am glad to hear that Kamrie did way good too! I loved all the videos and photos! Tell Kamrie to put in a good word for me to Hannah Dutton for when I get home. ;) (but seriously hahah) Kamrie also looked amazin for the homecoming dance!! Trevor is a little stud. She is growing up way fast!... Also Ben is back in Hurricane?! That's pretty cool! I hope he is doing good! I am going to do some work with that kid when I get home. Just show him how much God really does love us and bless us.

General Conference was the BEST!!! Man all of the talks were sooo good!!! We are sooooo blessed to have living Prophets and Apostles. We watched Conference in the Stake center in Chimbas. It also was all in English. Man, it was amazing to see the new Apostles sustained and take their seats with the other Apostles, I felt the spirit so strongly and I know that they are called of God. I wish I had my notes with me here but I don't, but I will try to tell you all the ones I remember:

I really liked Elder Uchtdorfs talk Saturday morning session about "Simplify" our callings as members. We dont have to be sooo stressed out over our callings, we just do our part and the lord will help us with the rest.
I also liked the talk that was 2nd after that one. He talked about how we need to center our lives on Christ and the Gospel, just like the clay on the wheel. It made so much sense to me and I felt the spirit so strongly in his talk.

I LOVED the talk from Elder Holland about Moms. All of us Elders in the gringo room were about to cry no joke haha. So Mom, thank you sooooo much for everything. For always being there for me. Always supporting me. I owe it all to you and Dad. I love you guys. :)

I also really enjoyed the talk yesterday about "ponderizing" 1 scripture a week. I am going to try to do it! 1 scripture a week for 10 years. I want you guys to try it too! Maybe just stick a different scripture on the fridge every week and then just read it whenever you get something out of it! I guarantee we will see a difference in our lives and it will be a difference for the better. :)

Well there were a lot more I liked but I don't want to bore you guys too much. ;) I hope you guys have another great week! I am pretty excited for this week and to find out who my hijo (son) will be! I am way glad to hear that you guys are reading lots and praying as a family! You guys are awesome. I love you guys tons. :)

Love, Elder Lawrence, your Hijo. :)
 You cant tell but we took like a couple hours cleaning this room! It was pretty messy and wayyy dusty. Me and Elder Lillie were dying of sneezing.


  Bye Elder Cofer! He ended his mission in my old area of Albardon! Way awesome guy.

 Giant spider I found in the street. It gives me nightmares man. haha

Quite the difference! haha my shirts get that dirty just after a few days

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