Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Hey Hey cute lil' family!!

I am doing way good! I still can't believe that me and Elder Landt are companions either! haha We are getting along super well!! He is adjusting pretty well to Argentina! I am pretty sure his Spanish is way better than mine was when I got here! Yeah we have 1 hour a day to study the language! But yeah we really are getting along well and he is a stud. I hope I can be the best trainer possible for him.

Sounds like you guys had a legit week! That Bridal Shower looked like it was fun and funny! I like that idea with the video and the gumballs in the mouth thing! That made me laugh way hard. :) I am glad the Bridal Shower was a success. :)

The new cabin looks like its really coming along! It is going to be so awesome to go there after the mission! I imagine its wayyy pretty up there this time of the year! I am way glad you guys drove home safely with all that rain! That sounds way freaky!!!

Sooo we had a pretty crazy situation this past week! haha Well here is the story... So we were contacting a reference we got from our Zone Leaders this past Tuesday and it was in a part of our area that I have never really worked in too much and this area is pretty poor and like none of the dudes in the streets were wearing shirts and they were yelling stuff at us but it was like whatever... Well we keep going deeper into this barrio and we see some packs of dogs here and there just packs of like 3 or 4 dogs... Well we were walking on the side walk and one of these packs of dogs sneeks up behind us and one of the dogs bites Elder Landt on the back of the leg!!!! I didn't see the dogs at all!! I heard my comp kind yell or something and turned around and all these dogs are like barking and getting close to us! So I just keep my ground and I fake to pick up a rock and the dogs stop barking and kinda split up and go away! It was way freaky and we didn't even end up finding our reference we just got out of there. The bite wasn't that bad, we called the nurse because that's what we are supposed to do and she told us that we needed to go to the hospital that night... Well it was already like 9:00pm but we still had to go... So yeah I learned a whole new branch to my spanish language this past week, medical terms haha... words like dog bite, rabies, shot, anti-biotics, and much more. We ended up not getting back to the pench till after 11:00pm. It was a pretty crazy night and I probably wont forget it ever! Everything is all good now! He has all the medicine and the bite doesn't bug him! Its more of just a scratch. :)

Also quick funny little story that happened at the hospital.... So there was this way nice old lady nurse/front desk worker that helped us butt a lot of people in line because she knew we were young and not from here so she was really just helping us all night for the two hours we were there. We were really thankful for her so we got her an alfojore (Argentine candy) and she was just so happy and she isn't a member so she didn't really know that we can't do the little Argentine kissing thing (just where they kiss your face on both sides) So I went for the handshake and she just passed that right up and kissed my face twice, and then she turned to my companion and went to kiss him on the face and he just kinda froze up and like got all red in the face! haha after we left the hospital I just busted up laughing!!! It was way awkward for us all but yeah everyone remembers their first "Argentine besitos" hahahah :)

Well I don't have a ton more time to write! I forgot to tell you last week but my scripture I ponderized this past week was 2nd Nephi 22:2... Look it up its way good. :) I will send a bunch of pictures that will explain my week a little bit more! Mom Happy Argentine Mothers Day!!! It was el día de la mama yesterday! So yeah just wanted to let you know that you are the best Mom in the world. :) I love you tons!

I love all of you tons and hope you have a great week! Thanks for all the great pictures too! Be safe and do work! :)
Love, Elder Lawrence

Just some photos with my son. :)

 Dog Bite! 

  I swear I find giant spiders every week in this area! haha I turned over a wood board and this beast crawled out.

 See that giant pile of garbage in the bottom left corner? Imagine that but all over the yard haha! It was fun to do service with them!

This is one of our investigator families! Well the dad is a member but only him, we are teaching the mom (mara) and the daughter (Mailen), the other kids listen but aren't old enough to be baptized. They are way awesome! We did service for them on Thursday and then we brought them brownies yesterday because it was Mara's birthday!

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