Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Hey Hey hamily family! Happy Halloween week! :) Halloween is totally better in the states, especially the street that we live on! But it's all good, I will be there to see it next year. :) I hope you guys give out tons of candy!

Haha mom don't worry about us, we are staying away from all the scary dog filled places now! We should be fine!

I am jealous of the weather there! The weather here right now reminds me a lot of the weather in Utah! One day it will be really really hot, and then the next day I have to break out the sweater! But I have been enjoying the weather still. :) I imagine it is going to start getting warmer and warmer from here on out!

That's cool Gma and Gpa Lawrence came down for the weekend! I bet that was fun. :) Also that is sweet that we won Snow Canyon at Snow Canyon! Also that's awesome that Bryson and Taylee are going to be in Grandma Ligtermoet's ward! I can't believe they are going to be living over there! That will be nice because you guys can all meet up every Sunday and eat dinner over there! That's pretty convenient! Does Bryson know what he wants to do for work?? That's cool that Taylee is going to do the nursing program down at Dixie! They will have to let me know how they like it!

Dang the wedding is really coming up quick! Less than a month!!! I wish I could be there to film it all and make a video of it! That would've been so cool! I like the idea you have to have Pasta Factory cater the luncheon! that will be way yummy!

Our week was good! This past Thursday we had our interviews with President Goates! Mine went way good! I love every chance I get to talk to him! He always gives the best advice as well! He always makes jokes about making me come back to the offices to work again, and it always makes me laugh. :) We also had to bring our emergency backpacks to interviews. Mine is legit! I will send you a picture of it next week!

We have this family of investigators that are progressing a ton! Its the family that we did service for last week (I sent a photo of them) but yeah the other day we were walking home in the morning time to go make lunch in our pench but we decided to just walk by their house and see how they were doing and see if we could set up a lesson for some other time... well we ended making tacos with them for lunch! It went way good! I am becoming a pro at making tacos! haha :) 

They didn't make it to church this past week... Yesterday was voting for the new President of Argentina so everyone had to go vote... I think that's why some people didn't go to church... We also couldn't leave last night to go proselyting because of the elections! It was kinda nice to catch up a little on some sleep! haha :)

Well, we are working super hard here, I really really want to baptize with Elder Landt! It would be such a cool experience! Keep praying for us! We always feel the prayers and blessings that come with it. :) Thanks for always keeping us in your prayers! I really know it helps! I have a strong testimony of prayer.

I love you guys tons!!!! I hope you have a great week! Give out tons of candy! I want to see all the pictures! Good luck with your Relief Society lesson! I know you will do awesome. :) Oh by the way, I received an awesome letter from the Relief Society President and I think Sister Wiley wrote something as well! Please tell them that I really appreciated the letter!!! :) I love you guys soo much! :)
Love, Elder Lawrence

 Just Elder Landt messing up my photo of the sunset..... haha just kidding He is a stud and I wanted him in the photo!

 This street by our house got way flooded!

One of the few photos I took from when we made tacos with our investigators, and it turned out blurry.

Just catching some quick rays by the river. Well its more like a gutter! haha

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