Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! and 17 months!!!

Hey Hey Fam!

Happy Thanksgiving! I totally forgot that it was Thanksgiving week!  We totally spaced it and didn't do anything for it! It's alright we had a way awesome Asado yesterday with some members and I feel like that kinda made up for it!

First I want to say thanks for the Thanksgiving videos! I laughed way hard!! I loved all the things everyone said! I see that Grady is growing out a sweet beard once again! haha But yeah thanks for all the pictures and videos! I am thankful for the best family ever! I love you all tons!

Glad to hear Bryson and Taylee had tons of fun on the cruise! I miss the cruise! we gotta still keep that in mind for afterwards haha! and that's lame you guys didn't like Mockingjay part 2 all that much.. yeah I have totally missed part 1 and 2 now! I will have some catching up to do when I get home!

We are doing way good here! Our investigators are doing good! We found a way solid new family! Their names are Gaston, Lorena, Brian, Joel and Gonzalo! They are wayyy awesome. The very first time we met them they were just like "Hey do you guys like churizo?(sausage)" and we were like yeah and so they made us a ton of churipan! It was way good! and we got to know them way good that day and what they are all about. The dad was baptized back when he was super young but now that his family isn't around he hasn't been to church in like 20 years. His wife hasn't ever been and same with the kids. We are hoping they will come this week with us! We made one of the cookie packets with them the other day from the package I got! It was funny too because on the package it said "soften the butter, do not melt." and I was just like "oh whatever I will just melt it and then put it in" So Lorena melts it on the stove and then I tell her to pour it into the batter and then boom, all the chocolate chips are instantly melted! haha so they looked like brownie cookies or something! Everyone was like "why don't they look like the cookies on the cover??" haha The cookies still turned out way good though. :)

We also re-found this lady named Sonia and she is super awesome! It was funny because she told me that I looked a lot like one of the first Elders that talked to her. Well she showed us that the Elders had wrote their names in her Book of Mormon over a year ago. She pointed to one of the names and she is like yep that's the Elder you look like! and guess who it was? Elder Willard! haha this is the area that he was born in! (started the mission in) yeah she said he didn't speak Spanish but she remembers him looking like me! haha I thought it was funny, I guess we look a little alike, just a little. :)

So guess what, we will be skyping in less than a month!!! wha hoo!!! I am super excited! It really has been a way long time since we skyped last! I will have to start asking around to some members if we can skype in their house... I have a couple families in mind so it should all work out. :)

Well, everything is all good in the hood here! Its getting pretty dang hot here. I have been using that sunblock stick for the past week and I think it saves my life! I am loving the mission! I have made some way good friends here in this area. I put Elder Landt on phone duty for this transfer and I think he is liking it! I always wanted my trainer to let me carry the phone and do the calls but he never did. So yeah everything is going way good here with Elder Landt! We are happy and working hard! I hope you guys have a great week! Oh and don't worry I have been writing pretty good in my journal recently! I love you guys soooo much! be safe and remember who you are. ;)

Love, Elder Lawrence

This computer I am on today is super slow and I kinda forgot to take photos this week so here is one photo from this week. We did some service again for Mara and Nestor and we planted a garden!

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