Monday, January 4, 2016

18 Months!!!

Hey hey hey hey Family!!! Happy New Year!!! I can't believe its already 2016!!! 2015 went wayyy fast! I learned a ton this past year too! and yes there was a little bit of burning of something on the 18th month mark :) Haha Don't worry will send photos!

Sooo yeah you want to know about transfers?...... I'm staying another in San Juan with Elder Landt................ JUST KIDDING haha I got transferred!!! I am 100% sure that I am in the prettiest zone/area in the mission!!! I got transferred to an area called Tunuyan in the zone of Valle de Uco!!! It is super pretty here!!! It's also a lot more tranquilo than Chimbas!!!  I have wanted to go to Valle de Uco ever since my first area! Elder Holmstead used to always tell me about how much he loved it here!!! and man I have been loving it here!!! The zone of Valle de Uco is just a bunch of little towns that are tucked up in the Andes mountains!!! My first day here it rained alllll day! It is super green here and looks like a jungle! It is way cooler here than in San Juan!!! We are wearing our sweaters today! Also Tunuyan is a Branch not a ward! It says something about that in my Patriartical Blessing! Pretty awesome stuff! :) 

Also my run of only having gringo comps came to an end! My companion is Elder Bustos from Santa Fe, Argentina!!! He is super awesome!!! He is like brand new in the mission! I am his first companion after his trainer!!! He is super animated for the work too! We have been talking with everyone and meeting tons of new people! He is also only a convert of like a year and a half! He is way boss though! His story of how he came to know the church and everything is way awesome! I will have to tell you about it someday! We don't have too much time to write today!

Also I am going to come home from the mission with some super hot legs because this is a HUGE area and its a bike area!!!! This is my first area ever that has bikes!!!! My legs are super sore! hahaha It feels like everything is up hill! We save tons of time though with bikes! plus it's super safe here and so that's why we have bikes as well! I love it! 

Oh also I am District Leader! I thought that was pretty cool! There are a companionship of Hermanas and a companionship of Elders and the matrimony couple (Elder and Hermana Maseda) are in my District!) I am pretty excited! I have to give my first District meeting tomorrow! Wish me luck! also, the Hermana and Elder in my district are both training this transfer! The new Elder is from Colorado and the new Hermana is from Chile! They are both wayyy awesome! We share the Branch with the Hermanas! 

Sorry I have like no time to write anything else! I think I am only going to have time to write you guys back today! Glad you guys liked the package! :) Hermana Keil is awesome for taking that to you guys!!! I was kinda scared that the coke was going to explode but nope it made it! I love you guys tons and hope you have a great week! Have fun going back to work and school and everything ;) You guys are the best family eva!!!! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

Ps. I really hope I get some family benefits with that season pass deal to Brianhead!!!!!! haha :)

 Me and my new comp Elder Bustos!

 This is what it looks like in front of the pench! Straight jungle!

This is our pench! It's the nicest pench out of all the ones I have had in my mission for sure!

 The church building is also huge here! But yeah this is when we got caught in the rain my first day here!

 Bike area problems! My chain fell off.

 Chau 18 months! Crazy how fast it went. Don't worry it's just a pair of super dirty pants that I never wore! haha

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