Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

Hey Hey Family! 

That was a crazy fast week! This has been a really fast month in general! Wow it's crazy I have less than 5 months left in the mish! Freaks me out a little! Yeah that sounds good with my homecoming talk being on June 26! :)

Everything is going good here in Tunuyan! it rained a ton this week!!! We got caught in this huge storm one day!!! It was way crazy!!!

Looks like you guys are having fun with the exchange students! I want to go to Zion way bad when I get home!!! It looks super pretty with all the snow! I liked the videos you sent!! Sounds like you guys are all doing great!

Fishing was alright! haha (aka we didn't catch anything!!!) Yeah it definitely wasn't as fun as the good old days with my friends going to Sand Hollow and fishing! It was just from the river side of like a super shallow river! haha but its whatever, you live and you learn! I will send photos!

That's pretty cool Kamrie is going to Pine View's Jr. prom!!! Remember when I went to Dixie's winter ball or whatever it was?? Yeah that was way fun! That's also cool to hear Jaxon Last plays varsity basketball!!!

This was a little tougher week with all the rain! It has been super hard for us to have lessons with Rosa because she is always working!!! But we are also working with this family that is way awesome! We met them just a couple weeks ago and they came to church this past Sunday! The mom is a less active from like 9 years ago but her husband and kids aren't members but they really like the church! They even fed us lunch after church!!! It was wayyy good! We ate ravioli's! They were super good! The only problem is that they aren't married :( man that is like the struggle of Argentina! No one gets married, or they get married and then they split up! It's tough but we are going to keep working hard!!!

Well I am glad to hear you guys are doing good! How is Grandpa Lawrence doing? I was praying a lot for him this week! Wow Shylo is going to Peru!!!!! That's awesome!!!! I am not going to see her in forever! hahah but way cool! She will love it. :)

I hope you guys have a great week! You guys are the bomb. Be safe! Have fun! Do work!! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Fishing!!! It wasn't the same without my bros! :(


  Freaky storm clouds!

A nice view after the storm!

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