Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Hey Hey family :)
I am doing way good! This week had some awesome miracles!!!! I am glad to hear you guys are doing good! Don't worry mom I am being careful with the bike :) haha

The presentation went way good! I had to cut it down a ton! Yeah I ended up only having to speak for like 15 minutes! I was kinda stressing out too when I tried to plan for an hour! But yeah it went good! Hermana Goates took up the rest of the time! I told my district to not be surprised if I talk about setting goals for 45 minutes in district meeting tomorrow...... hahaha just kidding. :) My interview went way good with President Goates! He told me some pretty crazy news in my interview. Every single Hermana that's not already in their training or that is a sister training leader, will be training!  I guess there is a ton of new Hermana's coming in this transfer! It's crazy because there is going to be some brand new Hermana's that have to train!

Glad to hear things are still good with the exchange student! That's crazy he only brought 2 pairs of clothes! Just give him my old clothes... oh wait, Bryson already stole them all! haha :) I like his American name... Shawn! hahaha that made me laugh.

Oh hey, I keep forgetting to tell you guys, I got my watch fixed!!! It was like 60 pesos so like 5 bucks! Yeah I am happy to have it back and running!!!
Tell Taylee I say Happy Birthday! I love Brenda's cheesecake too!!! 

So listen to the miracles of the week! We talked with this lady on the street named Rosa and she was super nice and wanted us to come back... Well we go back like a week later and she is super happy to see us! She told us about how her life was super tough but after she talked to us everything started to get better! She found a job and everything. She was waiting for us to come by again! So we went by and she was just super ready to hear everything we had to say! She prayed right there and then to know if it was true or not and she accepted a baptismal date for the 13 of February! She is super awesome and has two kids that live with her! Her son Thomas is 15 and her daughter Milagros is 9! Both super awesome as well! I hope she will come to church this next week with us!

Other Miracle: So we had two investigators come to church this week! Juana came again for the second time! She was also someone we just talked to in the street! She is super awesome! We are going to talk to her about baptism this week! Someone in our ward gave an awesome talk about baptism this week, I think she liked it a lot!

Also our investigator Javier came to church this week! He said it was his first time ever going to any church! His wife is super less active and just moved here from Godoy Cruz. But we found them a couple weeks ago and yeah they both came to church yesterday! It was funny because I sat with them and my comp sat with Juana and we were both sitting like on the opposite sides of the chapel. They are both awesome!

I will try to keep learning how to cook Argentine food! I really want to come home and cook for you guys sometime! That would be awesome! Wow, I cant believe this Friday I only have 5 months left in the mission.... That's way crazy to me! The time is really flying! I am going to keep working way hard!  I am super tired a lot but I think its from the serious miles we put on the bikes hahaha :) 

Well I am really grateful for all you guys do for me! Thanks for the prayers and letters! Grandpa is for sure in my prayers! Man the air up north is not good! Sara Goeser... that name sounds really familiar... but that is super sad she has cancer :( is she in the grade below me?  That makes me way sad! Yeah just know they will all be in my prayers! 

I hope you guys have a great week! I love you guys tons!!!

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS. I forgot to tell you what we are doing today!!!! We are going fishing with a member! My dreams are coming true!!! hahaha I can't wait!!!!! Love you tons!

 Chaucito Elder Vera!

 My drawing skills were put to the test, we made a poster for all the members to sign for Elder Vera! Big head little body always! haha

 My District! :) super weird/funny photo!

 I found a machete when we were doing service the other day! haha super awesome!

 Empanada place knows what's up! haha

Just posing in front of sunsets as usual! :)

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