Tuesday, March 22, 2016

T-minus 3 Months

Hey Hey family! Sounds like you guys had a good week! It looks like a lot of fun with the exchange students!!! and that pizza looks dang good. But it's all good because we are making Asado today. :) oh and yeah 3 months from today is the day I leave Argentina! Mixed emotions for sure!!!!

Haha mom sorry I always say I don't have too much time to write! oh also I got my other SD card fixed so now I have all my photos back from my entire mission! super happy about that. :) That's good to hear that Kamrie made the cheer team! Totally knew she would. :) and Co-Captain that's awesome! and that's good to hear that E did good in their baseball tournament this past week!

Wow Ethan's birthday is totally in 2 days! HAPPY BIRTHDAY E DOG!!!!! haha hopefully he heard that. you should make him that ice-cream bar cake that I like a lot... on second thought just wait till I am home to make it. ;) That really is crazy that he will be 14!!!! wow he is getting big yo.

So this was a super solid week, one of the best weeks I have had here! We taught soooo many lessons! and we found a couple of sweet new people! Also one of our investigators assisted for the first time yesterday!!! I was sooo happy! It was a super solid week for her to go to church as well. there were some wayyy good talks! Javier (Lautaros dad) has now assisted 8 times in a row... man we just have to baptize him!!! Now he has to change some things first but he is way close to the waters if you know what I mean. :)

No too much new happening here other than the work is really moving forward! Barack Obama is coming to Argentina this week so that's pretty cool! I am not too sure whats going to be happening with this coming up transfer! I keep telling Elder Peterson that he is going to be my great grandson in the offices and be the next secretary so that I can stay in this area and train someone new! haha but it might not happen its a long shot. :) It would be cool to train again but my group is huge and there are a lot of people that should train in my group that never have before! but hey we will see!

Oh yeah! The Warner's came to our pench this past week! That's where the photo came from that they sent you! They are the best! They are the new pench inspectors!(it use to be the Masedas) but yeah they came and our pench was super clean (we got a 157/175, which beat the Hermanas score here in Tunuyan) and so Hermana Warner gave us some home made cookies! They were the bomb. They said our pench would be ranked as a celestial pench out of the three degrees of glory haha. :)

Welp yeah that's about it for this week! no one threw up on me this week so that's good! haha I am super happy to be here! The mission is going great! I cant believe it was three years ago that I tried out for exec... are you sure it wasn't 2??  Thanks for everything you guys do for me! Dad is in my prayers that his back will start feeling better! Have a good week! Be safe. Have fun. You know the drill. :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

  Big spider, probably shouldn't mess with it.

 Messed with it.

 My favorite place to short cut across our area but to also see the sunset.

  The district, in very weird drawing forms

 Dramatic walking away photos. Elder Peterson uses his brothers plaque and that's why it looks used, I have just been here a long time and that's why mine looks used haha!

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