Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016


I am writing so late but I also have zero time to write!!! We went to Aconcagua today and it was super pretty!!! It was super cold too!!!! You are not going to believe what happened... I went to send you guys photos of the baptism we had on Saturday and I got another fetching virus!!!! That literally happened the last time we had a baptism haha soooo yeah now I have to buy another SD card... it makes me sooooo frustrated when that happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's whatever. My comp is going to send me some photos from the baptism and from Aconcagua and I will just forward you guys them. It makes me sad because I had an awesome photo of us walking out of the baptismal font and we are still sorta in the water but it's only on my camera, but yeah, chau photos!!!

Other than that it was an amazing week! I forgot how stressful getting everything ready for a baptism can be! It was crazy because everything was going wrong but at the last minute everything just fell into place!!!! Like we couldn't get the water pump to work and the hot water wasn't working either so we had to wait foreverrrrr but in the end it all ending up working! a member came and fixed the pump and turned the hot water on! It really was an awesome baptism. you guys would have been proud if you were there haha :)

Well you guys are going to have tonsss of fun in California!!! I am a little jealous. You guys should really still try to go to the temple in San Diego.  It would be an awesome experience and it would be super peaceful I can promise you that. :) 

Well like I said I have like zero time, I am sorry!!! I hope you guys have a good trip! you are in my prayers so that you guys will travel safely. :) I love you guys sooo MUCH! 

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS. I am excited to make you guys Argentine food, but we will see if you like it. :)

PSS. Get me a present while you are in California. (only if you want to) ;)

PSSS. Love you guys tons! CTR erryday!

Photos from Aconcagua today!

Here is a photo from Lautaros baptism!!! It was super awesome! He is like the smartest kid I have ever met. Now we just have to work a little more with his dad and his baptism will be right around the corner. :)

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